Why is Buying CBD Oil From Amazon Prohibited?

Why is Buying CBD Oil From Amazon Prohibited?

The richest guy in the world owns Amazon, and it’s currently the biggest online retail shop in the world. They carry different kinds of products that can be shipped right at your doorstep. All you need is to read the reviews if a particular product is worth the money.

Besides that, you get to look for sellers who offer free shipping. So you get to get a new product with free shipping without having to leave the comforts of your home. How cool is that? However, they don’t sell certain products. And you guessed that right. They don’t sell products with controlled substances. That’s why you won’t find any CBD sold on Amazon.

Let us know why CBD oil is not allowed to be sold on Amazon and find out where you can buy a legitimate CBD oil made out of quality hemp.

What is the Main Reason Why Amazon Doesn’t Sell CBD?

Amazon is known for having strict rules when it comes to their products. Of course, if you are shipping millions of products that are also worth billions worldwide, you would want to make sure that you are following the law because surely, the government is watching your every move. If ever they are caught shipping controlled substances, Amazon has a lot to lose and not just receive a hefty fine. Through this online retail platform, you get to buy whatever you want—all except for CBD, which is considered a Schedule I controlled substance.

If you take a look at their policy, you will find that “Products offered for sale on Amazon must comply with all laws and regulations.” explaining further that “Supplements must not contain controlled substances.” Even though CBD is not a supplement, Amazon is still staying on the safe side and considering it as one.

Is CBD Oil a Dangerous Substance?

CBD oil is known as a great alternative when it comes to seizures. Many people already testified how CBD had helped their family members who are suffering from this condition. But for those who are not familiar with CBD oil, it is made from hemp. It does not contain THC, which is the substance that makes you feel high and euphoric. Unless you encounter companies that sell low-quality CBD oil that has THC in it, that’s why it is extremely important to look for a reliable source of CBD. Joy Organics is one such company that offers CBD oil made from premium quality hemp.

CBD oil is not a dangerous substance, to simply answer the question. It does not make you high, so you cannot feel anything unusual. Amazon considers it a controlled substance because it is made from the cannabis plant.

Purchase from Joy Organics

Because you won’t find any CBD oil on Amazon, it’s best to buy it from Joy Organics, a reputable company that sells everything organic. Their CBD products are made from quality hemp, so you only receive a product with high-quality. It is also full of compounds that strengthen the potency of the CBD oil.

You will find zero THC in Joy Organics’ CBD oil because everything is lab-tested. You will only get a product with pure CBD.