What’s the Difference between Billiards, Pool, and Snooker?

What’s the Difference between Billiards, Pool, and Snooker?

Billiards, pool, and snooker are often mistaken as they appear to be very similar. However, they vary especially when it comes to the number of balls, table size, and cue stick size. The pool and billiards are times used interchangeably. The pool is considered to be a type of billiards game. There are major notable differences between the three which will be discussed in this article widely.


Billiards is among the many games that are collectively called cue games. This is because they are played using a cue stick and billiard balls on top of a cloth-covered table with leather borders. The billiard game is further divided into three categories which include; the snooker, carom billiard, and pocket billiards.  Billiards tables can are made of an array of woods and designs that suits your space. Handmade billiard tables from experts can come with antique style, modern stylish style, and/or traditional style depending on your specification and preference. There are a full array of billiards accessories that accompanies the table which includes; chalk, billiards balls, and cue sticks to aid you during the gaming sessions.


The pool is a type of billiard game that uses pocket billiards. The pool game can be sub-dived into many categories which include the 8 balls, 9 balls, one pocket pool, and straight. There are notable differences between a pool and billiards such as, the table size where billiards table are larger as compared to the pool table, the pool uses between 9-15 balls depending on the game being played while the billiard uses only three-ball that are bigger than pool balls, the cloth used in making the tables also defers where the cloth used in making pool table is meant to slow down the balls while that on a billiard table is meant to speed the ball up, and finally, the cue stick differs where the pool cues are longer and with a thinner shaft, the billiard cues sticks have a thicker butt and are shorter.


The snooker uses twenty-one balls plus a white cue ball. The balls are of different colors which include, yellow, red, brown, pink, green, blue, and blue. The snooker is different from the pool and billiard as three balls in the snooker can be used as a striker to hit all other balls. In snooker, the main goal is to pocket the red balls and object balls alternatively which gives you more points than the opponent.  In conclusion, the billiard, pool, and snooker are different games but are all played on a cloth-covered table. There are major differences which include, size of the table and the number of balls used during the game. The billiard is played on a table with no pockets whereas the pool and snooker’s tables have at least six pockets. The billiard also uses only three large balls, on the other hand, the pool and snooker use between nine and fifteen balls. Although the three games are closely related, and probably evolved from each other, they are completely different

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