What To Look For When Buying A Mini Laptop?

What To Look For When Buying A Mini Laptop?

Several people who swear by the maxim “bigger is better” probably haven’t tried the mini laptop yet. If you want a powerful yet lightweight laptop for work or entertainment, you can select one of thebest laptops under 30,000 INR, among a vast range of appealing mini laptops. These are compact to look at, and versatile to carry around with you practically anywhere, and pack in all the computing power you need. Many professionals and students are switching over to mini laptops now. The reason is obvious; they come in great sizes, have long battery lives, are durable, have all the innovations of their larger counterparts, and most importantly, are affordably priced. Most people look at affordability while buying a laptop, so themini laptop price is often an appealing aspect of its allure.

Mini Laptop by Definition

While shopping for a mini laptop, you will rarely find the word “mini” in the official product description, but you can determine it is from the mini category by certain common features. Normally, depending on the price tag, mini laptops can either have powerful processors like high-end normal laptops, or can come with Intel Atom or Intel Pentium processors, with graphics cards and memory. The keyboard is a full-sized one, and the size of the screen is approximately 11 to 13 inches, though some screen sizes can go up to 14 or 15 inches.

You may find some mini laptops with touch screens. Mini laptop price will differ due to these cosmetic features, like a touch screen versus a regular one. A mini laptop will typically weigh no more than a few pounds. Mini laptops also come with multiple connectivity features, and most brands like Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo and Avita offer some of the best laptops under 30,000INR. They are light in weight and portability is assured. The smallest laptop of any brand could be considered as a “mini” laptop.

Features and Specs

Mini laptops are becoming more and more desirable in the computing world as they afford all the perks of the bigger machines, and still manage to fit into a tote or a regular backpack. You can do amazing things with these mini machines, and here are some details and features that make them necessities for some folks.

  • Battery Life – A mini laptop can be as efficient as a normal one. Battery charges on these range from 7 to 12 hours, depending on usage. Though live streaming will use more battery power than reading text, mini laptop batteries are robust. Many mini laptops have cords which are fast-charging types, so charging is rapid.
  • Device Size – Though these look like Notebooks, many are actually hybrids of a laptop and a tablet. Some of the best laptops under 30000 may not have a touch screen feature, but you may get folding configurations. They may be small, but don’t mistake this for a lack of functionality.
  • Device Durability – Entry-level mini laptops are designed specifically for students and have protective covers. Some are spill-proof and they are small, so are more secure where portability is concerned.
  • Price of Devices – You get high-end mini laptops, but many good brands have affordable ones as they cater to students and professionals. If you’re on a budget, you will still get an aptly functioning device.

Brands to Consider

You can look at brands like Asus (Vivobook E203NAH-FD049T), and Lenovo (300e) for mini laptops. Acer has some good models too, and there’s the Twin Pad from Lava (T100). If affordability is a constraint, don’t restrict yourself. Just use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You can purchase whatever you need from over 1 lakh partner stores, selling more than a million products across India. You can pay in easy EMI instalments later with no hidden costs or riders attached.