What makes Node.js so fast? Top 5 best use cases for Node.js

What makes Node.js so fast? Top 5 best use cases for Node.js

Introduced in 2009, Node.js has bid farewell to all the pesky buffer duration and extended lag in loading. Its Speed and Agility have left the developer’s community agape.

Did You know?

  • Node.js is extensively prevalent in the US, with almost 28,000 websites using it.
  • Companies that utilized Node.js are PayPal, Amazon, Tumblr, Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, and Reddit.

Understanding how Node.js functions and what makes it so fast?

  • Node.js is asynchronous

It implies that Node.js processes all the requests one-by-one without blocking any other operations. This functionality allows the framework to hold dual tasks without any issues or delays.

  • Node.js is single-threaded

While the main thread operates all of JavaScript Codes, it also enables other I/O operations to function on different threads expediting the process.

  • Operates on Loop

It operates in an event loop, wherein a callback is scheduled by Node.js, which activates once the required data is compiled.

  • V8

V8 is a virtual machine in Node.js, which aids in compiling source codes with hot functions into machine codes for accelerated motions. It comprises two types of compilers- Full Compiler and Crankshaft Compiler.

  • Operating in Backend

Node.js functions with React, Angular, Vue.js, and React Native performing at an expedited speed. It allows ease of operations in the backend.

Node JS can assist lessen the loading time up to 50-60%, making it an ideal pick.

Top 5 best use cases for Node.js

1) Data or Video Streaming

Node.js is a favorable choice for video streaming with in-built modules that can process and create legible and written information. The world’s most popular and highly utilized streaming channel, Netflix, also adopts Node.js to process its files. It ensures steady processing even when the files are being uploaded.

2) Real-time Data

One of the most promising and incredible Node.js case usages pertain to Real-time applications; that’s one sector where node.js outdoes its performance.

With the capacity to deal with endless requests, precise and rapid data transmissions between client and server, node.js packages reserved for library codes allow transfers and reusability.

Hire Node.js Developer that admires hassle-free functioning on a real-time basis with 0% of blockages. There are ample real-time application case uses like:

It fosters easy data synchronization with no interludes, dissembling as a proxy or event-based server as and when compelled.

  • Application monitoring dashboard

This case use enables tracking all real-time interactions with the users and analyzing visitors to the websites. It can aid businesses in identifying their target audience and increasing their interactions with them.

  • System monitoring dashboard

It aids in monitoring the system by keeping track of the level of asynchronous services on a real-time basis. With the use of WebSockets, it further forwards the data to the clients.

As per research, 39% of Node JS users follow full stack development, whereas 37% are back-end acquainted.

3) Chat Bots

Chatbots are both real-time and multiple users based chat. Using a case along with extensive traffic and massive data inclusion, they function with increased speed and zero glitches. 

Here, the server-side operates with a request handler that administers chat boards with a ‘send’ switch, enabling a new message’s input. While the WebSocket processes all the messages sent by the client.

Here’s a statistic indicating types of tools used with Node.js like messaging, databases, and more.

4) Server-Side Proxy

Generally, third-party proxies cause a lot of havoc in web applications. Node.js makes it easy with its server-side proxy and easy operability, ability to withstand an enormous quantity of deliberately forming connections without any blockages.

For developers without any proxies, seeking a quick resolution can opt for server-side proxy.

Studies prove that more than 85 countries and users with 45 numerous native languages use Node JS worldwide.

5) Effectively Scalable utility

Node.js has revolutionized data processing with utility over minor modules applicable to endless CPUs securing Ram quality accuracy. This technology has molded an accelerated functioning with a balance in load time.

Node JS devs used by 43% are for enterprise applications, while web app development primarily uses 85%.

Here’s a statistic representing the expected increase in the usage of Node.js

Final words

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say Node.js has been the most impressive invention for developers making the toughest of tasks easy, precise, and mind-bogglingly fast-paced. With the growth statistic given above, one can undoubtedly ensure its high value and progress in the future.

With continuous processing and transmission at an incredible speed, glitch-free, non-blockage, and much more, Node.js is a power bombed programming network.