What is an Industrial Radio Communication Systems and its Uses?

What is an Industrial Radio Communication Systems and its Uses?

Communication is very important in every aspect, especially in industrial/ manufacturing. It ensures the safety and is in charge of productivity and greater efficiency. Yet as communication technology constantly transitions. From legacy analog hardware to unified digital solutions. What does it mean for your workforce and production line? How should you prepare as technology advances?

What are industrial radio communication systems?

A radio communication system gives a reliable and solid guarantee of communication in security. Emergency, public security, commercial, and industrial use. Industrial communication systems remain a crucial base for manufacturing communications. Yet, technology has altered the way people communicate.

Instead of replacing the two-way radios, technology promotion has made it even more significant. As a rugged, reliable, and more direct connection. There are various ways wherein industrial radio communication systems can boost efficiency. Within a manufacturing plant.

Know the Use of Industrial Radio Communication

  • Easy and simple to use by employees wearing special clothing. With an accuracy of control even if rough industrial gloves, and many more.
  • Industrial radio communication, unlike cell communication, is protected against network overload. And keeps accessible in case of an emergency.
  • Integration with various systems installed at the enterprise
  • Staff positioning both inside and outside of premises
  • By the time of impossibility to use cellular communication. Radios attributes offer reliability in heavy industrial environments. Such as shock resistance of the housing, water resistance, and dust resistance.

The complex of the System’s Distinct Advantages:

  • Design

All radio stations have explosion-proof and are designed for all-weather. With a broad range of security control functions. And quick response capabilities and due attention to high telephone load.

  • Memory Card

A memorable MemCard lets you save and transfer the settings from one to another. It is very useful in case the unit is damaged.

  • Personal Security System

It is made for automatic command over the operation of subscribers. When a person loses consciousness or falls. Or in case of an accident, the warning call is instinctively triggered. From the radio station to the central server, it aids to give timely help. And stop an emergency. The subscriber’s location is identified with the accuracy of 5 meters in a different location (room, open area, etc.)

The industrial radio communication system is applied using this special termination equipment:

  • DECT Radiophones

The terminals are created particularly for industrial environments. All devices are made in dustproof, durable, and waterproof housing of the IP 65 protection level.  A well-defined and convenient backlit interface keys create comfortable conditions. For applying the radio terminals in any environment.

  • TETPA Radiophones

The TETRA radio stations are created to give trunking communication. In extreme environments of industrial facilities. The radiotelephones are provided with a multi-level information security and call prioritization system.

Radio communication system executes with the help of a transmitter and a receiver both prepared with an antenna.