What Are The Benefits Of Press Die Casting?

What Are The Benefits Of Press Die Casting?

If you are looking out for an efficient, quick and precise method of making components from zinc or aluminium, then press die castingis an ideal choice. This method is more preferred by those industries that have their main focus on appearance, lightweight and dimensional tolerant components. So, in this article, we have listed out some benefits of using this method of press die casting. If this is something that could be useful to you, keep reading below.

How does press die casting functions?

In this process, the shortest route will be provided from the molten metal to the completed component wherein the molten metal is injected into the hardened steel mould that further allows it to solidify under pressure before ejection.

What are the major advantages of using press die casting?

  • So, if you desire to make complex components of high volumes, then this can be done with high speed, and precision via press die casting method.
  • The process costs lower in comparison to other processes out there
  • Since castings have thin layered walls, they are light in weight
  • The components produced through this method last longer before you decide to replace them. Thus this is an economical method of production preferred by large industries today.
  • The casted part will exhibit a great finish via post finishing
  • This method offers high mechanical properties and tight dimensional tolerances which are way better than other casting processing options available today
  • The production efficiency through this process is way higher than you can expect

What are the applications of the press die casting method?

  • Used in electric motor housings
  • Aerospace castings
  • Used in general regular hardware appliances, plumbing parts, pump parts
  • Also, used for kitchen appliances like a pressure cooker
  • Automotive parts that include cylinder heads, blocks, wheels, manifolds and so on
  •  It is also used in cabinets for the electronics industry

Types of pressure die casting

Well, based on the pressure used in the process of die casting, it can mainly be divided into two types. They include High Pressure Die Casting and Low-Pressure Die Casting. So, quickly let us give you an instance of the same.

High-Pressure Die Casting

In this method, liquid metal will be injected at high speed and high pressure right into the metal mould. So, this method is classified into Hot Chamber Process and Cold Chamber Process. It has also been considered that this method offers the wider application of most of the light-alloy casting production.

Low-Pressure Die Casting

In this process, all the high-quality castings, of both alloys and aluminium and other alloys with a low melting point will be produced. Also, you need to know that this process gives a higher casting yield since there are just one ingate and no feeders.

Based on your production requirements, you need to opt for the most suitable process that is light on your budget. Make sure you browse through for good casting industries who will take care of all your needs!

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