Upgrade your BMW Multimedia Display with the best Android screens!

Upgrade your BMW Multimedia Display with the best Android screens!

The BMW car model is one of the most luxurious sedans, offering great satisfaction. Its multimedia features contribute to a whole new level of entertainment. If you plan to update your BMW display, consider switching it to the latest bmw android screen model.

This screen is an original BMW product and caters to all your requests. In short, it is more or less like a mini-tablet, consisting of significant applications that may be necessary on the road.

The excellent features of the android screen:

Similar to an Android tablet, the BMW screen offers some of the best features that facilitate proper driving options, along with entertainment solutions. This screen can be used for navigating the road map while playing songs in the background. It’s like a small gadget, which offers multiple functions.

It is very easy to operate the screen, especially when used to using laptops and tablets. You can also use the Android screen to stream your favorite movies or even watch upcoming Netflix episodes.

An important feature of this new multimedia display is its connectivity. As there are different settings available, this screen offers a wide range of adjustments that further contribute to an overwhelming experience.You can plug-in an external device like a subwoofer or any other speaker. Along with that, you can also plug-in your earphones or headset too.

In case you do not have a stable internet connection, you can plug-in the USB memory card to gain access to unlimited songs and movies. The screen offers a complete touch-screen experience and is fully compatible with all kinds of BMW car models.

Use the GPS and other features:

An excellent feature of the BMW Android screen is the GPS. You can now check the directions for your destination and other relevant points with the help of GPS.

The smartest solution to this screen is that you can view the maps offline, without an internet source. If you aren’t convinced with such amazing features of this screen, here are some additional details below:

  • The screen comes with a built-in WIFI and Bluetooth. This means that it allows you to connect many devices at any time. Plus, you can play your songs, engage in a call with someone and watch movies too.
  • The offline navigation system software works perfectly fine. There are different safety functions available on the screen, which stops harsh driving and cautions the driver when the road ahead is bumpy.
  • There is a screen mirror attached as well. You can connect your phone with the screen and operate it via your phone itself. No need to use the screen always. Wireless settings can be instantly activated once you turn on the appropriate settings.
  • At Bayern Mods, a complete guide to purchasing the best Android screen for your BMW is available. Customer care experts instantly answer any queries related to the screen. You will receive all model guides with 100% clarity.

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