Travel to Australia for Medical Treatment Visa 602

Travel to Australia for Medical Treatment Visa 602

The medical treatment visa subclass 602 is for those who want to travel to Australia or stay longer for medical treatment. It could also be for supporting someone who needs medical treatment and holds or has submitted a visa application. In case of seeking treatment or even for organ donation, the treating doctor within Australia needs to give a letter that outlines the medical condition along with the treatment required for the patient. It would also need to mention the estimate of the cost and the time frame for the treatment. There should be enough evidence of sufficient money with the person for supporting themselves and people who come with them for their treatment with the 602 visa. There should also be letters by any Australians supporting the person during their stay.

With a Visa 602 one can do the following:

l They can be in Australia for the period of the treatment or consultations until they are over

l Based on the situation they could be granted single or even multiple entries into Australia

l They can take up a course to study for a maximum of 3 months or even longer, provided they meet the criteria for exemption

Conditions to be met for the 602 visa

It is recommended to establish contact with a Registered Migration Agent Perthto understand the conditions of the visa. A few broad conditions are listed below:

– It is important to be visa condition compliant and adhere to the Australian laws

– One must leave the country before their visa ends

– One should be fully capable of supporting their financial needs in Australia

– With this visa, one should not take up any work, mainly something that they would get paid for.

– Unpaid work related to the person’s study if they are doing a course from a university outside Australia can be done with prior permission from the visa authorities

– With permission from the visa authorities, one is allowed to see the workings of people in an industry, but they are not allowed to work

 – If the person with this visa faces a change in their situation after arriving in Australia and need to work, they would have to apply for a new Tourism stream Visitor Visa with a request to be permitted to work

– A person with medical treatment visa 602 can study for a maximum of 3 months in Australia and would not be allowed to engage in any training or studies for more than that period

 Eligibility Criteria for a 602 Visa

To be eligible for a 602 visa following are the points to remember-

– One must have the intention to receive medical treatment or consult a doctor in Australia. It could also be for organ donation to a person in Australia or for supporting an organ donor or patient who has or has applied for this visa. The person could also be receiving an organ from someone who comes to Australia with them

– One could be coming to Australia with an arrangement between the Queensland Department of Health and Western Province of Papua New Guinea

– They could be 50 years old or more and be in Australia even if they have been refused a permanent visa in Australia because of their health condition only, and cannot leave Australia due to lack of fitness

– They must not be in a medical condition which could threaten the health of the Australian public

– Being in Australia, they must not have or previously held a substantive visa which was Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) visa, granted to them in the (Diplomatic or Consular) Domestic Worker stream.

Staying in Australia with Visa 602

– As this visa is temporary one can stay only until their treatment plan in Australia for consultations is done. A decision would be taken based on the person’s situation and it is the effort of the authorities to give the patient enough time for the completion of the treatment.

– One cannot stay longer in Australia through an extension of this visa.

To explore options for their visa further to this, it is recommended to contact Migration Agent Perth or Visa Consultant Perth.

Cost and processing time for the  602 visa

l This visa is free of cost for applicants who are outside Australia when they apply or are representatives of a foreign government

l The cost of the 602 visas is AUD315 for those applying from inside Australia

l One would have to pay additionally for their police certificates, biometrics, and health checks

l This visa takes about 54 days for most of the applications to process

Other obligations under this visa

l One has to meet all conditions of the visa and adhere to the Australian laws

l One has to take out an insurance cover for their health to treat any unforeseen medical requirements during their stay in Australia. Everyone is personally responsible for all their healthcare costs while in Australia and insurance could help them cover such financial emergencies

l The grant letter of the visa tells the person if they have single or multiple entries allowed

– In a single entry visa, one can leave and come back to Australia once if they were in Australia at the time of the visa grant.

– In a multiple entry visa, one can leave and return to Australia as many times as they want during the validity of the visa.


For Visa 602, one should be able to support themselves financially for traveling to Australia or undergoing medical treatment, or for any other expenses during their stay in Australia. This would include expenses for anyone who comes along with the person to Australia, even an organ donor. Meeting the health and character requirements of an Australian visa is mandatory and there shouldn’t be any debts that a person owes to the Australian government. They must be paid back or arranged for payment back to the government before the visa application. There shouldn’t be a history of any canceled or refused a visa for Australia as this may affect their eligibility for the grant.