Starting in video production can be challenging if you don’t have the full arsenal of shooting equipment and the necessary resources to produce quality videos. Thankfully, you can do wonders with a scene most people would deem ordinary, thanks to video rental studios.

Renting a studio for your video shoot has immense benefits like minimizing your budget and allowing you to take advantage of top-notch video shooting equipment and gear. Here are some tips to utilize when renting a video studio.

Consider their longevity and competence.

The reason you should consider how long the video studio rental company has been in the industry is to determine if they have enough experience and competence. It is okay to assume that the longer they have been in the business, the more experience they have gathered from serving a wide range of clients. However, longevity is not a measure of competence. Ask all the right questions to evaluate if they are well equipped to facilitate your next video shoot.

Enquire about the availability of the space.

The fact that it is a video studio rental means that the space is open to many clients who need to shoot videos. So, enquire about the availability of the space earlier to schedule your time well. Booking a video shooting space is not something that you should wait until the last minute to do. If you find a perfect rental video studio, book as early as possible. Keep in mind that a reservation fee might be required.

Find out how long you can rent the space.

Do not start making your video shooting arrangements before enquiring how long you can use the space. While some studios rent studio space at an hourly fee, others will calculate the charges depending on the time or days you need to complete the project. Keep in mind that extra fees may apply if you continue to shoot past the agreed time.

Do a preproduction

Preproduction helps you determine if the rental studio space will be enough for your video shooting needs. Identify the ins and outs of what you will need when shooting. Things you need to think about before finally deciding to rent a specific studio include:

  • The number of cast members- consider how long you need them to be on set and the fill-ins you need to determine if the space will be enough.
  • Ensure you have a written script- scripts can take longer than expected. Any necessary changes should be made before choosing the shooting location. The video shoot depends on the script, so you should draft it early.
  • Identify the props, set, and other art direction details- determine the alternatives you plan on bringing during the shoot and if you need extra space to store the multiple items. That is important to decide on the time required to complete the shoot.

Check reviews before committing.

Take your time to check the reviews of the rental studio before committing yourself to it. You can also ask other videographers, photographers, and other industry professionals about what they think about the space.


The shooting studio you utilize can make or break your video, so it is critical to choose the right video studio rental for your shooting needs.