The Hole Truth: What to Look for in a Golf Course

The Hole Truth: What to Look for in a Golf Course

There are almost 25 million Americans who play golf on a real golf course every single year. Golf’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and it appears as though it could continue to become more and more popular in the coming years.

If you’re just getting into the game of golf, you might not know which golf courses in your general area to play golf at. You want to play as much golf as you can, but you don’t necessarily know where to play golf at.

There are lots of great public golf courses scattered throughout the country. There are also lots of excellent private golf courses that you might be able to play a round of golf at.

Learn about some of the things that you should look for in the best courses below. It’ll help you decide where you want to play golf at in the months and years to come.


If you’re trying to check off a box on your golfing bucket list by playing at one of the best golf courses in the country, you might not mind driving a few hours or, heck, even a few days to play on a particular course. But generally speaking, you’re going to want to choose to play at golf courses that aren’t too, too far from your home.

Whenever you’re thinking about playing golf at a new golf course, you should always start by checking out where that golf course is located. You want to make sure that it’s not going to take you forever and a day to get there when you’re ready to play golf.

You might also want to see what else is around the golf course just in case you need to make any stops while you’re in the area. You might want to see if there are any good places to eat or any places to buy golf supplies if you happen to forget something at home.


They say that spending a day playing golf is better than spending a day doing just about anything else. But you’re not going to feel that way if you end up playing golf on a golf course that hasn’t been maintained in the way that it should.

Prior to scheduling a round at a golf course, you should try to drive by it to see how well it is—or in some cases, isn’t—maintained. If you see that the grass is too long at it and that it doesn’t look like any of the trees on it have been trimmed in months, you might want to pick a different course.

You’re not going to be able to enjoy yourself while you’re golfing if you’re too hung up on how poorly that a course is maintained. It’s why it’s super important for you to select a golf course that looks amazing from top to bottom.


Are you just getting your feet wet as far as playing golf is concerned? Then you’re not going to have a good time if you pick a golf course that is known for being one of the most difficult courses in your state.

By the same token, you’re not going to have a good time at a golf course designed for beginners if you’ve been playing golf for more than a decade now. You’re going to want to test your skills on a course that is going to challenge you from the first tee to the last hole.

You should read up on how hard different golf courses are until you land on one that seems tailored to your specific skillset. It’ll help you become a better golfer over time when you take this approach.


If you want to know which golf course you should be playing on, just ask some of your fellow golfers. Most golfers are more than happy to share their recommendations with others.

Or if you don’t know too many other golfers, look up the golf course ratings for your local golf courses to see which ones stand out. You can learn so much about courses when you view these ratings.


The golf that you play is obviously going to be the main attraction when you visit a golf course. But you’re going to do more than just golf while you’re there.

For example, you’re going to want to grab a bite to eat with the other golfers in your group. You’ll also want to have a drink at the end of your round and talk about all the fun you had.

To do these things, you’ll need to find a golf course that has the right amenities. You should see what a golf course has to offer outside of just golf when you’re considering which course to play at.


The average cost of a round of golf at a public golf course is right around $35. But you might pay a whole lot more than that if you choose to play golf at certain public or private golf courses.

With this in mind, you should call golf courses in advance to see what they charge for a round. It’ll help you steer clear of spending way more than you may have intended to play a round of golf at a golf course in your area.

Go Find the Best Golf Course to Play At in Your Area

Now that you know what you should look for when you’re on the hunt for a golf course, get out there and find one to play at. Consider everything from the location of a golf course to the price you’ll pay to play at a golf course when sifting through your options.

You should be able to find more than a few golf courses that you’d like to play at by doing this. It won’t be long before you’re expanding your horizons as a golfer and getting even better at the game.

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