The Australian Wine and Balloon Festival Has Reached New Heights

The Australian Wine and Balloon Festival Has Reached New Heights

When visiting Australia and the Australian Festival, there is something for everyone, including crisp chardonnay and merlot blends, delectable sweets, kid-friendly activities, and music that can readily energize the soul. After the day, participants and visitors will have had a lot of fun and will have treasured memories in their pockets.

A brief history of the Australian Balloon Festival

The biggest wine festival in Australia only needed a combination of wine tasting, entertainment, and other culinary delights to draw in crowds. With the vision of commercial airline pilot and balloon enthusiast Walt Darren and the support of event organizer and money-raiser Evelyn Harker, the first biggest wine festival in Australia enthralled the crowds in 1983. Only a few wineries and vendors took part at first, but different site modifications and musical performances, such as the Beach Boys and the Coasters, became commonplace throughout the years.

Information about the event

Tickets to the Australian Balloon Festival are necessary before you may enter. No need to worry about purchasing your tickets ahead of time because there are enough available, and no one gets turned away. If you don’t want to wait in line at the entrance ticket booth, you can get festival tickets at participating places around town. The cost of admission to the A Balloon Festival for adults is usually between $15 and $18, depending on the attendance. Guests will enjoy all of the festival’s core elements for the price of admission (except food, beverage, and other outside purchases). Typical event features include:

Launches of Balloons

Hot air balloons will take to the air about 6:30 a.m. and land around 8:30 a.m. if the weather permits. Advance registration is required to experience the thrill of soaring through the air in a pre-arranged balloon ride.

Tasting of Wine

Wine and beer are provided at booths in the primary stage arena or the wine garden’s location. Previously, taking part in seven wine tastings and receiving a keepsake glass cost only $15.


The Australian Balloon Festival also offers a variety of delights that will transport you to childhood magic and amusement park fantasies. Hot buttered popcorn, energizing scoops of ice cream, and a wide range of ethnically diverse foods (including Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Greek cuisine) are all ready to satisfy your hunger.

Children’s Faire

Children under the age of 14 who attend the biggest wine festival in Australia will find a special section dedicated to them. Inflatables, rock climbing wall experiences, friendly faces at the petting zoo, face painting transformations, and other kid-friendly activities are just a few of the options. Parents should be aware that some of these fun activities for kids may cost a small price to participate in.