Top 10 Best Selling Features of Paid Android Spy Apps

If we say that the internet can mold your mind, then it’s not wrong. Every person wants to keep the loved ones safe from the internet dangers, but how? Well, you can use an android tracking app to provide a secure cyber environment for your family and friends. But many people do not know about the modern features and the paid versions of android spy apps. But you don’t need to get worried because we will discuss every fact regarding android spying today. 

What are the bestselling android spy app features?

After so many transformations, we have got an android mobile phone. All it requires is an internet connection to connect us with the world, we can make phone calls, send text messages, share our stories on social media, make new friends, pay the bills online, search fresh content, make payments online, read daily updates, etc. But for tracking an android device, we need an app that provides appealing features and can cover all the running activities. What features you need? Let’s check our list.

  1. Screen Capture

Screen capture is the best feature that offers real-time access to the end-user. Some apps provide photo screen capture (screenshots), but some website sends the video screen capture. The end-user can monitor the target device remotely.

  • Geofencing

It is the feature which let the end-user to set the safe and unsafe zone to protect the loved ones. If the target device user tries to enter any marked zone, then this feature sends the notifications. 

  • Alerts

Want to know whereabouts and search of specified keywords? Well, this feature helps a lot to keep track of the target device. If you set some specified keywords, then you get notifications if the user searches for such keywords. 

  • Social Media 

The most time-taken activity is using social media these days. If an android tracking app provides social media access, then you must try such an app. 

  • Email tracker

Email tracking is essential because it helps businesses to detect sent and received email files and multimedia to find out if the corporate information is safe with the employees or not.

  • Hack the contacts

If you want to keep your loved ones safe from strangers, then you must try a spy app that lets you hack the contacts. This feature lets you find any bad apples in your loved one’s contact list.

  • Stealth Mode

When you want to spy on someone’s android phone secretly, then you should check the android app, which provides stealth mode and enables you to track android devices secretly. 

  • Web Browser History

Spying is incomplete if an android spy app does not let you check on the web browser history. Web browser History lets you find out the content user to search for.

  • Multimedia Capture

An android app should offer a feature to capture all the multimedia files, including photos, videos, etc. 

  1. 24/7 Customer Support

If you buy a license from an android tracking app, then make sure it provides 24/7 customer service. This helps to solve your queries and let you enjoy the service without any hassle. 

But the question is, which paid android spy apps to offer the advanced features?

Well, no worries because here you can find the top 5 android tracking apps that provide advanced features at affordable rates. 

  1. Spyzie 
  2. TheWiSpy
  3. Cocospy
  4. Spyic
  5. XNSPY

The above android spyware lets you track the target device stealthily, and you can monitor the target device in detail. 


While choosing an android spy app, you need to make sure about its features and functionality. You can get trapped by any scam company which provides a non-functional app and does not respond to customer queries. You can pick one of the above apps why? Because we have shared only reliable sources to help you track the target device stealthily.

Keep your loved ones safe with the help of android spyware!

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