How To Scan Barcodes With An Android Smartphone Camera?

Android is the best mobile operating system and many people use it on their devices to perform various functions. However, the process of scanning QR codes and Barcodes depends on the type of smartphone. The new generation of Android phones comes with an in-built facility, that scans these codes with a mobile camera. While a few others(mostly older one) need thebest scanner app that can scan codes clearly.

Here we are sharing an informative guide to scan Barcodes with your device’s camera using a Barcode scanner app for Android.

What Is The Easiest Way To Scan Barcodes With Android Device?

If you are using the latest Android device, the smartphone may already have a built-in camera. You can quickly scan codes with your device’s camera and no external app is needed.

How To Scan A Barcode on an Android device?

Follow these steps to test whether your smartphone device is equipped with a built-in Barcode scanner app or not.

  1. Open your Android device camera and point it unwaveringly for a few seconds towards the Barcode you want to scan.
  2. You will receive a notification if the device is enabled for scanning.
  3. If nothing appears, you can go to your device’s settings and enable Barcode scanning.
  4. If such an option is not available for your device, you can not scan any codes.

Unfortunately, your Android device does not have native function to scan codes. But this is not a reason to become sad. It just means you need to use a third party Barcode scanner app to finish code reading. We recommend you to use FlashScan app to decode important product codes.

How To Scan Barcodes With FlashScan App?

First of all you will need to download FlashScan– one of the best Qr and Barcode scanner apps for Android devices. It is renowned for its quick and clear scanning.

Follow below-mentioned steps to scan any codes with FlashScan.

Step 1: Keep the product handy and put it on a clear stable surface.

Step 2: Place your device over the product and ensure the Barcode is clearly visible.

Step 3: The moment you click on the QR/Barcode feature from the home screen of the app, the camera will open automatically to scan the code.

Step 4: Hold the device steadily until the camera captures the accurate photo of the Barcode and scans it.

That’s it. The app successfully scanned your Barcode. With FlashScan scanning a Barcode is just a tap away. However, the app uses your device’s camera so the quality of the camera also affects codes’ scans.

After scanning, FlashScan offers below-mentioned operations on the result of Barcode/ QR code scans.

  1. You can copy the scanned code to the clipboard.
  2. Users can share the results of scanned codes to friends and clients.
  3. With “Rescan “ you can anytime scan the same or another code directly by tapping on the ‘Rescan”.

Why Should You Choose Barcode Scanner App Over Built-in camera scanning?

Well, choosing third-party apps over a built-in facility might sound silly at first glance. But here is why you should do that.

  • Scanner app for Android scans codes quickly and effortlessly.
  • These apps offer various additional features that are very useful and the built-in feature does not provide it.
  • Qr code scanner app reads codes very precisely and it uses post-scan filters that can give various impressions to your scanned results.
  • These apps are free and take just a few seconds to scan anything.

Why Is FlashScan The Best Scanner App For Android?

Certainly, when anything is described as ‘the best’ it excels in all the functionalities. And FlashScan exactly does that. Here are remarkable features of this app that make it the best document scanner app of 2020.

  • It scans all types of documents in a few seconds. You can digitize ID cards, old photos, bills, business invoices, books etc with FlashScan.
  • It offers a robust OCR that reads text from any images and helps to translate such extracted texts from English to many other languages.
  • Users can copy this text to the clipboard. In case of unsatisfactory conversion you can anytime rescan the text.
  • It is the most accurate Barcode scanner app for Android. It also scans Qr codes.
  • Users can any time sort their documents with the ‘Sort By’ feature.

Concluding Notes

Scanning Barcodes is an essential business task and with the scanner app for Android we can do that effortlessly. Apps like Flash Scan generate clear, sharp and crips scans that help you to ease out your business.

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