5 Core WordPress Features That You Should Use More Often

If you are reading this, you are already aware of the versatility and diversity in the features that WordPress has to offer. One can include business-specific requirements via WordPress template customization and even easily include any thought-out design onto their WordPress websites.

Page builders like Elemantor, Divi Builder, and Beaver Builder have a lot to offer for such website development projects. Besides, there are thousands of plugins for eCommerce purposes, videos, sharing, statistics, etc. There is no limit to the extent of third-party widgets and applications that can be incorporated into WordPress.

However, the very depth in WordPress’s features is still not explored by several website developers. Well, one can’t blame them. It is WordPress that offers an innumerable number of features that are hard to keep track of.

Here is a list of 5 core WordPress features that can simplify your development needs and overall website functionality (as per your niche).

1.       SEO Features

WordPress experts have time and again stressed upon the presence of several arrangements made by WordPress to help website owners leverage the power of SEO. Yet several people opt to take up the task of studying SEO concepts such as priority keyword holders, off-page SEO, alt tag optimization, etc.

The catch is that people don’t really need to spend time studying these concepts unless they are looking to drive traffic in numbers such as way over 100,000 a month. WordPress has placed several plugins such as Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. These plugins will inform the user of the necessary steps needed to strengthen their SEO game.

Simply executing these steps and following-up will go a long way in increasing traffic by letting the relevant audience stay informed.

In short, consider making the most of WordPress in-built SEO features, rather than spending time elsewhere in an attempt to up your SEO game.

2.       Category and Tags Converter

Looking for a feature to get a better hold of your content types? Have a lot of uploaded content that needs to be categorized for simplicity in management and analytics?

Access the Tools menu and then click on import. Over here you can choose the Categories to Tags or Tags to Categories option. Click on the convert button after making your choice and watch the magic occur!

This greatly helps website owners who are considering using a new WordPress theme. All categories of posts whether video, image, or text will be given specific tags to help readers have an enhanced website navigation experience.

3.       “Press This” Tool

“Press This” is a tool that is used as a bookmark let to instantly publish intriguing content from the internet onto your website, for your users. All you got to do is head to the tools tab and click on available tools. Click on the Press This button and it would be added as a tool to your web browser’s bookmark bar.

Now whenever you surf the net and come across something that brings direct value to your audience, you can click on the Press This bookmark in your browser. This lets you post a link along with a brief viewpoint text onto your WordPress powered website. Even better, auto-formatting will upload it in the form of a blog post.

4.       WordPress’s Caching Plugins

There are always several ways to perform an action on your website. Either utilize a feature from the in-built arsenal of your website provider or surf the net for alternative options.

Some people prefer to alter website or theme-specific code to place effective caching processes. The only time this works is when it is performed by an experienced WordPress expert.

Another strong belief is that if WordPress Template Customizationis done by altering CSS or Java code, caching can be made more efficient.

Rather than playing around with your website’s core coding structure, simply download caching plugins that are designed for WordPress. These plugins will ensure your dynamic WordPress blog functions in a speedy manner while eliminating the usage of unnecessarily heavy scripts.

Some such plugins are WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Rocket.

5.       WordPress Theme Customizer

The worst part of website development is when you are forced to make theme modifications as per changing business requirements. Rather than going through the grind of entirely redesigning your theme, consider resorting to WordPress’s in-built theme customizer.

On your WordPress sidebar, access the appearance/customize tab. You can perform a range of theme customizations from here. With the latest WordPress 4.5 update, you can do much more than changing the theme’s menu structure, logo design, color schematics, website tagline, etc.

Traditional WordPress developers are adept with this feature and have been making the most of it rather than going through ridiculously long theme-revamping durations.

Everything said and done, WordPress is aware of the broad spectrum of problems that website developers face. Thus they want you to use as many WordPress resources as possible. This is why you will find a solution for almost all types of issues within WordPress’s features repository itself.

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