Missing the Golf Course? Here Are Our Favorite Ways to Play Golf From Home

Missing the Golf Course? Here Are Our Favorite Ways to Play Golf From Home

2020 has been a difficult year for most people, and golf players are no exception.

Even fewer people can play golf than usual. But participating in golf rounds has actually grown more popular over the course of the pandemic. Of course, it is understandable that if you want to keep yourself safe, you may want to play golf from home.

While you are waiting for life to return to normal so you can head to the golf course, here are some of the ways you can play from home.

Build Your Own Golf Course

No, this doesn’t mean tearing down your entire backyard to only play golf. By building your own golf course, we mean finding fun locations to place the holes and making your own obstacles as hard as you want.

Foam practice balls and cup-flag sets (to be used as a hole) are readily available in golf and sports stores. You can buy some patches of turf to place around some areas of your yard.

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One benefit of this is it allows you to improve your game by practicing your swings in private without judgment.

Play on a Golf Phone App

When you don’t feel like playing a game with your putt-putt mat or working on your backyard course, it is completely acceptable to play golf while on the couch with your phone.

The app stores on your phone hold the best golf apps like Golf Pad that you can instantly download and immediately begin playing. They typically appear as virtual golf simulators, where you swipe your finger to control the speed and direction of the ball on the golf course.

Some other popular golf game apps include WGT Golf and GolfStar. There’s also an online version of World Golf Tour that you can play on your computer.

Keep Up With Your Exercise Routine

Just because you can’t go to a golf course as often doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to maintain your fitness levels.

Some good fitness practices you can do are pilates and yoga. Yoga and pilates will help you maintain your balance, flexibility, and core strength. If you do these routines regularly, you will develop better balance and mobility.

If you don’t have access to a gym membership or cannot go to the gym of your choice, there are plenty of at-home exercises that you can take advantage of.

Miss Golf? Play From Home

Life these days is very different because of COVID-19, and golf players miss golfing with their friends on the course. You don’t need a golf course to fulfill your playing needs, and you can find unique ways to improve your game from the comfort of your home.

If you follow these tips, you’ll still be able to play from home while longing for the turf.

We hope you enjoy this article. If you want to know more news and read the latest reviews on gear, phone games, and other software, read more on our blog.

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