Mask On: Why You Need Number Masking for Your Business

Mask On: Why You Need Number Masking for Your Business

In the current trustless economy, businesses are finding it increasingly challenging to earn customer trust and goodwill. To add fuel to the fire, a material drop in trust can cost businesses USD 180 billion in revenue! 

Given that businesses rely on customer loyalty to stay afloat in a highly competitive environment, they need to develop a hands-on strategy to evoke the feeling of trust and offer assurance to customers. Number masking is a step in this direction. Let’s take a look at how it brings value to businesses.

What is Number Masking? And How Does it Work?

Number masking, or call masking, is a mechanism that anonymizes the actual contact information of customers and businesses alike. It involves a platform that generates temporary numbers that is visible to the parties during the interaction, thereby safeguarding the identity of the parties and preventing the misuse of information.

Here’s a quick overview of how number masking works at Knowlarity:

  • An executive or a delivery partner gets assigned to a customer. 
  • The customer or the executive can connect with each other using the “call” button available on the app or website. Alternatively, the details are shared over a text message.
  • Upon receiving a ping from either side, Knowlarity generates a virtual number and passes it off to your business servers.
  • The servers then facilitate the call using the made-up number without displaying the actual contact details.

Why Should Your Business Consider Number Masking?

In a customer-centric world, number masking plays a crucial role in enhancing the customer experience. It can help businesses achieve their long-term goals, such as customer retention or expansion, by demonstrating the business’ commitment towards their customers’ safety.

Here’s how:

Safeguard Privacy

A whopping 87% of consumers say that they would not transact with a business if they have concerns about its security and privacy practices. Number masking puts such fears to rest as the virtual number conceals customer details. As a result, your business comes off as a brand that respects your customer’s need for maintaining privacy.

Greater Supervision

The mobile number masking platform tracks and records all incoming and outgoing calls. Hence, it is easier to monitor and supervise all customer interactions. Apart from supporting the training and improvement measures, this feature can also ensure that all business transactions take place purely through the authorized platform, which adds to the professionalism of your brand.

Cost Savings

Since all calls take place through servers, you no longer have to deal with long telephone bills or reimburse your employees upon exhausting their balance or minutes. Plus, the quality of online calls is far superior, which makes such communications cost-efficient and effective.

Real-Time Data

Number masking systems come equipped with tools to extract real-time data insights, such as customer engagement, customer intent, etc. Agents can harness this information to capitalize on low-hanging opportunities. From a supervisory angle, managers can use it to analyze on-call performance and optimize interactions.

Why Should Knowlarity Be Your Number Masking Service Provider?