If you’re thinking of a versatile yet powerful machine that has plenty of user friendly and energy saving automated features. The kangen k8 is definitely for you. This k8 kangen water machine can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. The credit goes to its interchangeable plug capabilities and its worldwide multi-voltage power supply.

Kangen refers to ‘return to origin’ in the Japanese language. The kangen k8water is alkaline water that is produced by alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines.

These machines are able to transform the ordinary tap water into fresh and healthy alkaline drinking water. Kangen k8 water is higher ranking than purified and tap water.

The kangen k8 water ionizer has the power to generate a continuous stream of 5 adaptable types of water that can meet all your versatile needs. The kangen k8 will also increase antioxidant production potential.

The kangen k8 is great for small business companies and families as well. This machine is able to speak in 8 different languages. English, japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese.

The kangen k8 is the most powerful ioniser that is featured with 8 platinum coated titanium plates for a better water ionisation.

The kangen k8 is extremely convenient and user friendly. It has a large full color LCD panel and clear voice prompts. This machine is able to confirm the selected water with a pleasing ionized water. Through the touch panel you are able to access the information of the filter status. And it will guide you through the cleaning process. The kangen k8 has the capability to even notify you when it is time to change the water filter via voice prompts, the panel or a buzzer sound.

How often the kangen k8 needs to be cleaned

The machine needs to be cleaned about every two to three weeks depending on the quality of the particular region.

For how long does the kangen k8 last

A kangen filter lasts for around twelve months. Depending on the volume of water that is produced.

Users of kangen alkaline water have reported a better skin, slow aging, healthier body, increasing energy and a better immune system.

Kangen k8 water is reported to be safe for cooking, drinking and other daily uses as well.

Here are some of the pro’s of the kangen k8 water machine:

• It comes with 8 different languages which makes it easier to access

• It is fully automatic

• Easy to install characteristics

• It comes with a contemporary design

• It is said to provide Numeral health benefits

• The water provides better hydration

• It claims to be a convertible water ionizer and

• It comes up with an advanced oxidation

The k8 has features that are almost the same pH range and ORP level as its previous version. But the price range of it is higher than its functions. If you can afford the budget for this unit and need a very accessible ionizer, you can go for kangen k8 for sure.

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