Is Baby’s Breath Toxic?

Is Baby’s Breath Toxic?

Gypsophila, or familiarly known as baby’s breath, is no longer a stranger to the world of floristry. The tiny white petals are the distinctive trait of this petite bloom. It’s not hard to spot bunches of baby’s breath as this flower is often used in bouquets, arrangements, and many more. In bouquets and arrangements, they are the perfect filler to add depth, dimension, and visual points to the florists’ artwork. And thanks to its neutral color, this flower is almost always suitable paired with any flower. You can easily get this adorable flower through birthday gift delivery singapore services. However, there are various things you should know about this lovely bloom, including the answer to the question, is baby’s breath toxic?

Facts About Baby’s Breath

  • Mildly Poisonous

This tiny flower could cause mild rash and slight irritation to the skin of humans. Although, the case might be more serious for dogs. Therefore, if you have a vase filled with bunches of this flower as your home decorations, make sure you put it somewhere unreachable from pets and children. Despite having the perfect size for being a cupcake decoration, you shouldn’t attempt to beautify your sweets with this blossom and choose other tiny flowers that are edible instead.

  • It Symbolizes Everlasting Love and Purity

There’s a reason why this beautiful bloom is often used as decorations for wedding receptions. That’s because this dainty flower has a heavier significance than beauty. The meaning and symbolism behind this flower are everlasting love and purity. Besides wedding receptions, this bloom is also often chosen to beautify a baby shower party.

  • The Perfect Flower to Represent Your Admiration

This flower was highly adored in the Victorian era. Back then, many found the sight of this bloom under the sunlight was mesmerizing. Because of that, giving these dainty flowers to someone else means that you truly adore and cherish them. It’s also the perfect gift to show support and appreciation. That makes this flower is the perfect gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s day, or any kind of romantic occasion.

  • The Flower of Summer

This flower usually starts to bloom in early summer and stays blossoming until autumn. Therefore, a baby’s breaths are also known as a sign that summer has come.

The Perfect Pair for Baby’s Breath

  • Roses

Roses also have similar romantic meanings to the tiny white blooms, which perfectly represent affection, admiration, and love. However, the symbolism of both flowers could extend beyond romance. You can also express care to friends and family members through these flowers.

  • Tulips

The classic representative of unconditional love and longing, tulips, is also a perfect pair for a baby’s breath. Tulips can be found in various shades of color, such as pink, red, orange, yellow, and many more. A bouquet with a combination of colorful tulips and the dainty baby’s breath is perfect as a gift.

  • Lily

If you want to express your deep devotion to someone, a combination of petite white flowers and lilies might do the work for you. You can also find lilies in a variety of colors. Lilies are also the symbol of innocence and rebirth. Therefore you can send a bouquet of lilies and baby breath flower to show your support towards someone’s new step in life.

  • Carnations

Carnations also would make a great pair with baby’s breath. This lovely combination is perfect to symbolize a wish for someone else’s health and recovery. That is because carnations represent the process of healing, strength, love, and fascination. Carnations are also available in a variety of colors, it ranges from soft pastel-like tone to rich vivid color.

  • Eustoma

Eustoma, also known as the twin of roses, is also a perfect partner for this dainty bloom. The shape of eustoma flowers consists of a few layers of petals and unlike roses, eustoma doesn’t have a thorny stalk. Eustoma can be found in nature in various colors, such as pink, white, yellow, green, and orange.

Turning Fresh Baby’s Breath Into Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have become a hot trend for the past few years. People love making keychains, bookmarks, and even resin art with dried flowers. The rise of this trend is also supported by the sudden popularity of vintage and rustic house decorations. The popularity of this cute flower as dried flowers has also become a hot topic on the internet. So here’s on how to turn your fresh baby’s breath into dried flowers.

  • Prepare the selected blooms and tie them tightly with elastic bands.
  • Prepare a place to hang your flowers, whether it’s a stick or a rope.
  • Hang your flowers upside down and leave them hanging for a couple of weeks.
  • Once they are dried, you can display your dried flowers or turn them into another work of art.

In conclusion, besides having a beautiful presence, the lovely blossom also has meaningful messages to represent. Which makes this flower suitable both as a gift and as a decoration for various occasions.