Importance & Benefits of Cloud Telephony Services in the Real Estate Industry

Importance & Benefits of Cloud Telephony Services in the Real Estate Industry

The growing popularity of Cloud Telephony services signifies the positive impact they are having on several industries. They are rapidly changing the way industries operate, function, and communicate with their clients. The Real estate industry is not an exception as it can reap several benefits and improve the overall operational efficacy with cloud communication. Let’s discuss how cloud telephony providers are proving to be a boon for the real-estate sector.

Credibility: The real-estate business can streamline its customer acquisition process and build brand credibility using the True caller Verified Business caller ID. The prospective customers instantly know about the brand name, logo, verified Badge, and industry tags. Prospective customers can easily distinguish between genuine companies and fraudulent callers. With this solution, the target audience is likely to pick the calls. The reason for making the call is displayed along with the brand identity and other details. With an improved call pick-up ratio- agents get more opportunities to convert the leads into customers.

Cost-efficiency: Using cloud communication solutions is one of the best ways a real-estate company can reduce operational costs. A large number of calls are required to be made to the prospective customers. Agents need to be on their toes to acquire more customers as there is intense competition in the real estate industry. The Cloud Contact Centre can prove to be highly useful for the industry by bringing down the cost considerably. The software is affordable and can be set up in a few minutes. Agents can manage the inbound and outbound calls from anywhere. The Calls can be transferred to mobile numbers and even landlines, so agents increase their availability and can work from anywhere to resolve the customers’ queries. 

Better CX: The advanced contact centre solution provided by cloud telephony providers monitors the agents’ performance. Improving it is crucial to provide better customer service. With data analysis that offers in-depth, actionable insights, the company can gauge the agents’ skills and improve sales. Cloud Telephony solutions such as Toll-free numbers, Virtual numbers, and IVRnumbers help companies provide better CX. Companies can track and record calls. With the call logs, they can understand the customers’ preferences and know about their grievances. With such vital information at their disposal, they can make informed business decisions in the company’s interest. It helps the companies to increase their sales profits and revenue.


The Virtual Number offers greater flexibility to the real estate companies to manage their business from anywhere—forwarding calls to mobiles and landlines. So, they can be present for their customers 24×7. The cloud Contact centre also makes the company accessible to its customers round-the-clock The same benefit is available from other cloud telephony services such as IVR solutions and Toll-free numbers. With the IVR, the real estate companies enable their callers to get quick answers to their queries. The callers might want to know about a newly developed commercial property or are interested in residential property and its benefits. With multi-level menus, a company can connect with its target audience any time and connect as soon as they resume operations during business hours.

Quick Connectivity: The Real-estate business can establish fast connectivity with its clients with the missed call solution. It is a real-time-based calling widget that is placed on the website or mobile app. Interested buyers can click on the widget, and the sales personnel is notified of callers wanting to connect with the company. The prospective buyers immediately get a response from the sales team, and it leads to better sales.

The Bottomline:

Get the several benefits of cloud telephony services, build your customer base, expand it, and let sales increase. Lay down a strong foundation for your real estate business that will help you scale new heights by using the latest cloud-based technologies. Contact a reputable provider that meets your requirements.

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