How to Grow Eyebrow — Tips for Growing

How to Grow Eyebrow — Tips for Growing

Every woman loves to experiment with makeup looks. Eyes are the first, captivating part of any person’s face. With all the new trends surfacing the internet, women tend to practice new things.

Eyebrows are an important part and can make or break the whole look. Some are born with natural, thick eyebrows that won’t need much work.

But there are a few unfortunate ones who don’t have this luck. So we are here to save the day and help you out. With a few best remedies and tips you can also grow eyebrows.

Eyelashes and eyebrows complement each other well. Check out BeLashed to find tips on growing eyelashes. Now, let’s take a look at these tips and tricks.

Tips to grow eyebrows

With the right shape, eyebrows can change the whole look of the face. Even during the past years, eyebrows were a bold statement maker element. There was even a time when women went out with pencil-thin eyebrows.

No matter what the time, eyebrows have always been a focal point. Today thick eyebrows are the hot trend that every woman wants to have. So rather than going for some expensive treatment or to the salons. Simply follow up on the tips and get the thick, long eyebrows.

1- Castor oil

One of the most effective remedies is the use of castor oil. This trick has been around for ages. Castor oil is jam-packed with fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants.

All these elements help in nourishing the hair follicles. Apply the castor oil on the roots of your brows every day. The oil works like magic by promoting hair growth and making each strand thick and strong.


There are no hard and fast rules or science involved in the application method. Simple as that, take a few drops of oil and massage them into the eyebrows. Use your fingertips and keep the oil for at least 30 minutes before wiping. You can use a makeup remover to wipe off the excess and wash them with warm water.

One pro-tip is never to use pure castor oil as it irritates. In worse cases, hives and rashes are also seen. So it is better to go for a batch test to see the reaction. Use black castor oil as it promoted natural hair growth.

2- Coconut oil

Coconut oil is not used for a single purpose but various. It’s known as the best conditioner and moisturizer. Also, is well-known for improving blood circulation.

Coconut oil has fatty acids that work with the natural protein in our hair. These elements keep the hair from breaking and enhance steady growth.

Then there is lauric acid that behaves as an antimicrobial agent. It averts the infection of hair follicles. For the growth of thick eyebrows, vitamin E and iron are the active proteins.

It is your call to whether put the coconut oil every day or only a few times every week. Either way, you will witness visible results in no time.


Use a cotton swab for easy application, dip it in the oil, and apply on the eyebrows. Try to do this at night so the oil remains there for quite some time. Use a face wash to rinse it in the morning.

3- Olive Oil

If you thought olive oil was only for cooking or salads, you were mistaken. Olive oil contains important vitamins; E and A. Both these vitamins play a part in stimulating the production of sebum.

Sebum is the natural oil that our body produces for healthy hair growth. Within a few weeks, you can see results that will astound you.


Use your fingertips for this, pour 1 drop, and massage on the eyebrows. After a few hours wash it with some face wash and water.


There are many other remedies like onion juice, petroleum jelly, egg yolk, aloe vera. Each of these has certain proteins and vitamins that boost hair growth. Some show results within a few days and some may take a week. But these are all tried and tested tips that will surely give results.

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