How Obesity Makes You Vulnerable To Develop Heart Diseases? Health Risks!

How Obesity Makes You Vulnerable To Develop Heart Diseases? Health Risks!

If you are overweight then you are at risk to develop serious health conditions. It also makes you vulnerable to develop circulatory and heart diseases such as stroke heart attack and dementia.

When you eat the energy or calories enter your body and then these calories burn when you perform physical activity. When you eat and drink a great number of calories but your body uses up less then extra calories become stored in your body as fat.

People start gaining weight when they eat more calories and burn less. Don’t forget that some medications can also cause weight gain in people. If you are concerned about the accumulation of extra fats in your body then contact your GP.

We cannot deny the fact that obesity has increased in America over the past years. It has been proven now that obesity makes the life of people uncomfortable. It also reduces their quality of life. But the more serious health problem it induces is heart disease.

A center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that one in four deaths occur in the United States due to cardiovascular issues.

Heart Diseases And Obesity

What you can plan to do is take complete control of your health. Fight not only fats but heart diseases too. Obesity greatly contributes to cardiovascular diseases in the following ways.

 Levels Of Cholesterol

Obesity changes your cholesterol levels. It increases your bad cholesterol and the levels of triglycerides. The more serious problem with obesity is that it starts lowering your high-density lipoproteins HDL.

If you want to remove the bad cholesterol from your body then your body should have HDL which is good cholesterol. HDL also decreases the vulnerabilities to develop different heart diseases.

Level Of Blood Pressure

Obesity increases your blood pressure. Individuals who are obese need more blood for the supply of oxygen. Even they require more amounts of nutrients in their bodies that enhance the rate of blood pressure. The body of obese people needs more pressure for the movement of blood.

The common cause of heart attacks or stroke is high blood pressure. It is more common in obese individuals, unfortunately.


Obesity can cause diabetes. If you are obese that you should not worried about heart attack, blood pressure, and other medical conditions only. But obese individuals are vulnerable to develop diabetes.

American Heart Association has reported that 68% of people are suffering from heart diseases. These people are 65 years old or older than 65 years. People with diabetes have two to four times more risks to develop heart diseases as compared to others.

American Heart Association included diabetes as being one of the top factors that should be controlled if you want to control heart diseases. Don’t ignore the condition if you have both heart diseases and diabetes. It’s time to take action now for your health.

Lose Weight and Vulnerabilities

Luckily you can take some steps if you want to lose weight. In this way, you can keep yourself healthy and decrease the risks of having heart issues. The first step that obese individuals should take is they should try to exercise regularly.

Eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Consult your doctor for the best diet plan. The health plan is based on your health status and the goals that you currently have.

It is not enough for some people to do exercise and make a diet plan only. Go for bariatric surgery if your BMI is greater than 35. It is safe and effective to resolve the issues of high cholesterol. It also helps to manage the level of your blood pressure.

Bariatric surgery is also effective for people who are obese. You have to see a cardiologist first if you want a cardiac clearance. Consult the best cardiologist.

A high level of cholesterol, blood pressure, and conditions related to the heart can increase complications when you have surgery. Cardiologists monitor your cholesterol level, heart conditions, and the level of your blood pressure before the surgery that can increase complications.

Make a healthy routine for you and take care of your health. A good health plan keeps you safe from developing serious health conditions. In this way, you can live a healthy life.

Consult your doctor immediately if you feel that you are having any condition related to heart, blood pressure, or cholesterol level that may have serious consequences.