How does Android 9.0 Do for Smart TVs

How does Android 9.0 Do for Smart TVs

The platform that was introduced in the form of Android TV has seen a positive response from both developers as well as manufacturers. With access to PlayStore, a few modifications are all that is required to put together an Android TV app. This makes it ideal for the big screen that is yourLED TVs. There is also a certified Android 9.0 (Pie) version that comes with the Official Play Store.

Opening your smart TV to this means opening it up to a broad range of avenues that are sure to pick your interest and make your TV viewing experience all the more exciting and interesting. Here is what is an Android TV andhow Android 9.0 can play a vital role in enhancing your smart TV experience.

What you have to know about Android TV

In a nutshell, what you need to know about this TV experience is that it offers you all of the elements you enjoy when using your smartphone. The things that you spend time on with your phone is brought to your TV. Although you won’t be able to take calls through your television set or even look atyour email for that matter, there are many other advantages that ensue. You can seamlessly take advantage of unlimited access to entertainment, ease of navigation as well as a simple-to-use interaction interface. Other than this, you can take advantage of:

  • You obtain flawless voice control: Owing to Google Assistant, you can benefit from voice control. This makes it seamless to obtain control across all of your other devices. This includes your digital watch and Android smartphone.
  • You obtain an easy to use menu system: The commands you can give are seamless and straightforward. This makes it even more seamless for you to carry out your operations.
  • App developers can adapt apps: While vital entertainment apps are available, Android app developers can gain a chance to adapt apps for the complete big screen experience. This encompasses information services such as weather to even gaming. You can so seamlessly and promptly customize the content of the TV in a manner that suitsyou best.

For TV manufacturers, they do not have to go through the task of designing their own platform. Google has already completed this task for you. the same goes for designing your own web store. This proves to be beneficial for Google Play also as it appears on the big screen in your house and offers you another outlet to obtain content.

The upside of having Android 9.0

While an Android smart TV opens up avenues for everyone as we have already seen above, more specifically, Android 9.0 gives you the followingopportunities.

  • You can download certified apps:With Android 9.0, you can download an array of certified apps. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime as well as Hulu. Once you download the apps, all you have to do is install them. In this way, you can use social media, take part in gaming, and look at videos and music.
  • It helps ads in a big way:Ad budgets have moved towards online videos. This proves to be beneficial for Android TV operators. All these professionals have to do is streamline and filter ads. This enables them to reach the correct demographic.
  • Other benefits: Collaborators can gain the advantage of getting direct content partnerships, operators can enhance their businesses while users can carry out all kinds of interactions.

This proves to be advantageous for everybody.

So, if you are looking for LEDTVs online, see that it comes with Android 9. It pays in the long run. Get Sanyo Kaizen TV with Android 9.0to get the best experience.