How Assam bachao nrc news become more viral on the Assam state?

How Assam bachao nrc news become more viral on the Assam state?

Election plays a major role in the entire Indian constitution where people use to vote for the select candidate on the election. People used to vote on the favorite person or party or who gives the assurance about doing well with development scheme will be elected. One of the major states that going to face the election is the Assam state where people are getting for election and want to choose the right person to rule the state. Both congress and Bjp started the election campaign for the election. The opposite party congress started the campaign with the web contest which names Assam bachao and the Assam bachao nrc news. The contest spread all over the countries to make it so viral on the internet.

Easy for campaign

People are eagerly participating in the web content on it. The contest is simple where you need to capture 2mins of video content which should describe the improvement which needs to be done on the particular areas of it. This video is collected by the congress party and can able to know about what actually people required and what the ruling party did so in the Assam state. The video should be with much clarity and the message or the video content should be well covered on the video of it.

 The Assam bachao nrc news beginners everywhere in the Assam state and people of Assam are stated to create the video environment issues and things need to be developing. The web contest also provides cash rewards to the participant who delivers the best one. The contest is starting from Feb. 10 to Feb. 19 and every day people can win more cash rewards. The best video get an iphone 12, one plus mobile, and other cash rewards on it. For enrollment, you need to use the hashtag with the video content and make sure they are highly effective on it. For 10 days you can get a different winner for these days. The launching of this campaign is simple where the party wants to know the exact problem they face in a regular interval manner. The most important issues are taken for the manifesto and they are taken with more functionality on it. The party offers more campaigns about the biggest problem where they meet and need to be solved immediate progress of it. 

One the major way to cover up every problem people of Assam and gives the chances of making the election on the best way on it. This helps to raise the voice of common people and does the election in a peaceful manner of it. With the promise, you can make a perfect way of choice and it will better to deal with major conditions on which it will refer to everyone on the campaign. India is democratic country and people have the right to raise the voice to make a perfect way to deal with so. Every election is conducted every five years and people choose the best person for developing the country in the best manner and it will help you gain much power on it. The election is done in the best manner and people do vote for people representatives

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