How Aptitude Tests Help Companies Undertake More Efficient Recruitment Screening

How Aptitude Tests Help Companies Undertake More Efficient Recruitment Screening

If you are the owner of a business, and run an office, you probably rein in employees every now and then. But how many times has it so happened that you hired an employee and then found out later that they aren’t the right choice? Well, this is a common scene at present-day workplaces, and something that can very well be avoided by incorporating an aptitude test into your recruitment strategies. Know, why an aptitude test is a necessity for you-

  • With an aptitude test, you can assess the aptitude of candidates in the most seamless manner. In fact, there is no other recruitment process that can get you a better picture of the candidates’ suitability to the positions vacant at your office. Aptitude tests are extremely well thought out and the questionnaires are often prepared by experts who know exactly how to set suitable candidates apart from unsuitable ones.
  • Aptitude tests are objective in nature (almost all of them). Hence, if you are an employer who wants to test all the candidates through a standardised recruitment process, then an aptitude test is the best solution. Most aptitude test questions are objective, which require candidates to answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or by choosing the best answer from a few given options. This way of answering questions is better than the subjective style because the chances of mental bias on the part of the examiner are close to nil in this case.
  • They are the best alternative to interviews. Interviews are subjective. And a lot can go wrong during an interview. The reason why interviews are not a great recruitment method is because they don’t put all the candidates on a level playing field.

Generally, an interview goes on for days. And this holds especially true when the company in question is a biggie or the position vacant is a lucrative one. In such a case, a lot of candidates apply. Now, screening all those candidates on a single day is not possible. So, companies are bound to carry forward the process. And more than one day gets eventually consumed in the recruitment process. Now, comes the real problem. The recruiters are human, after all. They go through tensions, emotions and mood swings. So, the temperament with which they ask questions to the candidates on day 1 of recruitment may not be the same as that of day 2. And this change in temperament can bungle up a lot of things. Questions might get changed over the days; the interview lengths might get changed, and even notions of the recruiters regarding what makes a good employee might also get changed. In such a scenario, candidates feel being cheated on. And that is probably the reason why companies are switching from traditional recruitment processes to more advanced ones such as the aptitude test.

The points above indicate how a screening process can get more efficient with the use of aptitude tests. Hence, if you haven’t yet thought of opting for this test for your company, it’s high time you did.

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