Major Conditions Due To Which People May Have To Go For A Liver Transplant

The liver is an extremely vital organ of the human body that performs a number of critical functions like regulating immune response and preventing infection, as well as making proteins that help the blood clot. To ensure the overall well-being of a person, it is imperative that they have an orderly functioning liver.

In case the liver of a person is unable to function properly, and leads to liver failure, then they have to go through a liver transplant. In this surgical procedure, the damaged liver is removed from the body of the patient and is replaced with a healthy liver from a deceased donor or even a portion of a healthy liver coming from a living donor. Owing to the high severity of the procedure, it is imperative that people consult the best liver transplant surgeon in India in case they have to go through this surgery.

Patients typically are advised to go for a liver transplant if they have considerable health complications due to end-stage chronic liver disease. Liver transplant also tends to be a treatment option for rare cases of sudden failure of a liver that was previously healthy.

Here are some of the reasons due to which people may have to go for liver transplant in India:

  • Complications of liver cirrhosis: Liver cirrhosis basically results due to long term liver scarring and liver disease. While by itself it may not cause liver failure, but over time due to this ailment, the liver can lose its ability to carry out diverse tasks and would be required to be replaced by transplantation. Long term excessive alcoholism, fatty liver disease, and hereditary liver diseases are some of the major causes of liver cirrhosis. The best liver transplant surgeon in India additionally would be able to effectively treat diverse complications of liver cirrhosis by carrying out a liver transplant procedure. These complications may include:
  • Variceal haemorrhage or bleeding
  • Loss of blood due to portal hypertension
  • Ascites (which implies to the accumulation of fluid within the abdomen)
  • Encephalopathy (this is an affliction of the brain due to liver failure)
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis: This is a chronic liver disease due to which people may have to go for a liver transplant. This condition typically leads to a build-up of bile inside the liver, as the immune system starts to attack the bile ducts within the organ.
  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis: This condition also includes chronic inflammation of the liver and typically requires transplantation.  The bile ducts of the patients having primary sclerosing cholangitis usually gets blocked due to fibrosis or inflammation and scarring, which invariably causes bile to get accumulated in the liver. The bile, in turn, damages the liver cells over time can result in cirrhosis, or fibrosis of the organ.
  • Liver cancer: This is one of the prime conditions due to which people may have to do for liver transplant in India. Multiple types of cancer can get formed in the liver, the most common one being hepatocellular carcinoma. This cancer of the liver starts in hepatocyte, which is the main type of liver cell. Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and hepatoblastoma are the other types of liver cancer, however, they are comparatively rare.
  • Autoimmune hepatitis: This is a condition when the body of the patient fails to identify the organ as its own and starts to attack the liver tissues, ultimately leading to liver failure.

There are several other conditions due to which people might need a liver transplant as well, such as metabolic diseases based on the liver and Biliary atresia. To know more about these conditions, as well as to get detailed information about the cost of Liver transplant in India, people can easily explore the web.

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