Getting Your T-shirts with Your Kids

Getting Your T-shirts with Your Kids

Kids’ t-shirts are fun and rewarding. It applies to adults and, of course, to children. It is an easy activity for the whole family on weekends, at home, or in the field. Your kids can invite friends and sew t-shirts together on a rainy day. It is a fantastic party and sleepover activity. Depending on the methods you choose to use and the age of your kids, homemade t-shirts can be quite distracting, require a bit of supervision, and are not necessarily very messy.

The best methods for making baby t-shirts.

The least practical way is to go to one of the many online stores where you can upload a photo or graphics, and they will print t-shirts for you and mail them to you. It’s not a craft project, but your kids can have Threadheads kids t-shirts with unique prints or graphics that are personal and special to them.

Decals are an easy way if you want to implement a real arts and crafts project at home. It’s not a disaster at all, but kids can still feel like they’ve made their own unique garments. And, of course, they can use a picture they draw, illustrations from their favorite movie or recording, or words with letters, jokes, or messages.

Better to scan it to your computer first so you can flip the image in a photo editor. It is essential if there is text. If the image works just as well forward or backward, you don’t need to worry about flipping it. Some printer software gives you the option to choose the transfer paper and automatically print the reverse image for you.

Drawing is another great way, but of course, you are heading into challenging territory now. With this method, your children can feel like artists. They can do it freestyle with brushes, rollers, fingers, commercial brands, or homemade brands based on potatoes. If they want a smoother, cleaner look, they can first draw it lightly with a pencil, fill it in with fine brushes, or use a stencil.

Screen printing is a difficult and time consuming procedure, but if your kids are old enough, they might like it. More research will be needed on your part, and you will have to buy more supplies for that, but this can be an excellent deal for teens.


If your kids are over nine years old or you think they have the patience and coordination to sew, you can cut and sew shirts, put on patches, sew on beads and string, fun fur, charms, or whatever your imagination can conjure up.