Getting Bored? Here is a list of things you can do to enjoy lockdown days!

Getting Bored? Here is a list of things you can do to enjoy lockdown days!

Nowhere to go, nothing exciting to do, same routine life and lockdown at home; sounds so boring right? Well, you can’t take risk either by calling up your group of friends to make a gathering or go to your favourite shopping malls to have the positive vibes in the city.

All you can do is find new ways to stay fit, healthy and happy at home! But anyways, a day is considered good only when we can end it by doing something fruitful or productive that adds on to our self-development. This lockdown can be boring but it is for our good only.

It has in fact given us an opportunity to discover our true self for which we had never found time in the past times. So, take advantage of the most valuable thing this lockdown has given us, which is- TIME. Yes! Now we don’t have to wake up early to get ready for classes or office.

We don’t have to travel for hours on the road or get stuck in the traffic. We might be bound inside our home, but it doesn’t mean we can’t open up our minds and hearts to do things that make us happy and feel positive! Explore and refine yourself with some of the great ideas which are listed below which will surely fetch your attention:

Learn a new language

It is always fun to learn a new language. Start up by watching a movie in a foreign language, join a free video tutorial or order a book online and read to know how to learn this new language.

You can add it up further in your resume while the process of learning will give a positive hope in the gloomy lockdown days.  Once you learn, you can even teach it to your friends and family which will be even more exciting.

Dance to your favourite beats!

Who doesn’t want to move their body on their favorite beats! Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, just play some good dance numbers and dance in your room. There is no way you will have to think of the watchers. Just dance like nobody is watching you! And who knows, you may probably learn very good steps and dancing becomes a skill of yours within this period!

Exercise in an enjoyable way

If you are not regular in gym or exercising, bring it to your habits now! We need to keep ourselves fit and healthy to fight against the virus. And exercise surely helps out in this case. If you don’t like vigorous physical exercise, start it with something more enjoyable with both aerobic and anaerobic. You can try out hiphop, ballroom, jumping, or swaying.

Learn Cooking

Food can please our soul. But in this time, we can’t go out to our favorite restaurants or not even order food from outside. So, you can try making your favorite dishes at home by learning recipes from various channels. Learn to cook for yourself and your loved ones which will surely keep you occupied and happy.

Be a YouTuber or a Blogger

If you are good at something, share it with people. For example, writing, storytelling, cooking, crafting, or even if you are a good student, then share your knowledge with people. It is a wonderful way to stay connected with the virtual world while keeping ourselves busy and happy.

Decorate home

As the only place you will see every time during this period is your home, make it look as beautiful as you can imagine. Order necessary things online if possible and give a new look to your home. Plants and flowers add a lot of beauty to your home.

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