Get Raccoons Out Of Your Attic With These Easy Steps

Get Raccoons Out Of Your Attic With These Easy Steps

Raccoons are definitely uninvited guests to your home. And what would you want to do is to get rid of them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, these creatures will not leave your home on their own.

And that becomes a huge problem. They can destroy your home without you knowing. And once they get into your attic, it would be more difficult to get rid of them.

Removing them is not an easy fix. You will need help from Raccoon Removal San Antonio experts. Other than that, here are some tips that you can try to lure those raccoons out of your attic:

Know The Number of Raccoons In The Attic

Before you start with the eviction process, it is crucial that you know how many raccoons you are dealing with. One of the reasons why the raccoon took shelter in your attic is probably because the safe and warm, dry place is the perfect area to raise new pups. And for the female raccoon, your attic is the perfect habitat.

And this is one of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration. If it is indeed a pregnant raccoon and you only remove the mother, you are leaving behind the pups that can starve to death. And that is not a humane way to get rid of these animals. And dead bodies can cause a foul smell inside your home that can last for days to a week.

Remove the Raccoons

So what you need to do first is if the raccoon gave birth. If she did, finding the litter can be difficult. That is because raccoons usually hide their pups in areas of the attic that you will not be able to easily access. So in order to locate them all, you need to be patient. You have to inspect every hidden spot. But if you do not have all the time to do it on your own and you want to completely get rid of every raccoon in your attic, then it is best to call for professional assistance.

Clean Up The Attic

Once you have called a professional raccoon removal service provider, or you have done it on your own and all of them were completely removed from the attic, you need to make sure that they do not come back. Also, the place needs to be thoroughly cleaned up because raccoons can be messy. If they have been in your attic for quite some time now, the place can be filled with feces and urine. Usually, their droppings are piled up in just one spot, but they can also spread everywhere.

Decontaminate and Fix

And once the attic is clean of urine and feces from the raccoons, the next thing to do is to fix the areas that they have damaged. But before doing that, it is best to have the place decontaminated first. Unlike feces, urine can be absorbed by the insulation. And unfortunately, you might have to replace it. But if the urine has seeped into the woods and drywall, replacing it will not be an option.

That is why it is best to hire a raccoon removal specialist because they can help you with the process, from start to finish. And that includes the decontamination of the area where the raccoons have infested.