Future Of Shopping Center To  Become A Leisure Experience

Future Of Shopping Center To Become A Leisure Experience

Anyone who struggles their way through the shopping tourists in any major city on a Saturday morning will find it difficult to believe. But countless studies prove that shopping centres are suffering from stagnating, if not falling, sales. Online trading in particular is a problem for them.

Developers and owners of malls are therefore concerned with the question of how they can get customers to make their way to a shopping centre when the trendy outfit or the new stereo system is only a mouse click away thanks to online shopping. Your answer is: with fun, entertainment and adventure.

The shopping centre http://www.melbournecentral.com.au/ of the future should be a meeting point and place for social exchange. Owners of over 1,500 shopping centres across many countries described the strategies they are using to make their real estate fit for the future. The primary goal is to attract more customers and keep them in the centre longer, for example by increasing the number of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Today, 95 per cent of the space in an average shopping centre is occupied by retailers, but market insiders agree that successful centres should in future allocate 80 per cent of their total space to retailers and reserve the remaining 20 per cent for restaurants and leisure facilities as cinemas or fitness studios.

To create a lively atmosphere. This change from a consumer temple to a place where people spend their free time is particularly evident in new construction projects.

The developers of many malls which are currently being built in many places with money from a sovereign wealth fund, seem to be implementing the expert’srecommendations in an almost exemplary manner. Indeed, 40,000 square meters are also planned for retail there.

But the special feature of many projects is a more than 10,000 square meter leisure area, which is intended to keep customers happy 365 days a year. In addition to a huge multiplex cinema with over 2,000 seats in twelve halls, a surfing system with the first standing water wave in some places is intended to attract amateur surfers to the mall.

Other concepts, on the other hand, combine cultural offers and shopping some concepts with which the many developers are applying for the rededication of two pavilions on the former exhibition centre in big cities. Many such projects should include a music centre, exhibition rooms for digital art and new shop formats for electronics providers.

Undoubtedly creative ideas to revive the shopping centre, asset class. But whether the daring will pay off and in fact in an adequate return for the investors can only be determined when the new malls are up and running. Then it will show whether the fight against online trade can be won with fun, entertainment and experience.

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