For New Year 2021, what ideas industries use for kraft paper board?

For New Year 2021, what ideas industries use for kraft paper board?

One of the most popular choices in the printing and packaging industry for several years has been the Kraft paper boardThe cause for its popularity is that it is made from natural materials like wood, which makes it economical, and most importantly, eco-friendly. It is created through a twisted chemical process that involves the removal of lignin. As the holiday season is getting closer with every passing hour, industries are therefore preparing their Kraft paper in a way that it suits the big occasion for various needs. Below are some options regarding how industries can use and design Kraft for New Year?

New Year related patterns

Kraft paper board is one of the most print-friendly materials, so industries use this opportunity to print them with appropriate designs for big occasions. When it comes to this particular holiday, there are a lot of design illustrations that can be implemented right on the paper. The best way to do this is by introducing patterns related to New Year. It can be done by using Santa images or by using Scandinavian colored patterns, which are known to provide a feeling of warmth in that chilly season. Rustic designs are also a reminder for the people that the event they have been looking for all year is approaching. So companies design their paper board in a way that retailers can use them in any shape and size to serve their customers.

Textures and Finishing

Finishing is unarguably one of the most vital aspects of packaging or any other product. It is what defines the premium nature of the product, and it helps with creating a strong impression on the minds of the customers. Industries use a variety of finishing options to provide the retailers with a huge variety of Kraft paper board to choose from. They can choose the ones that they think are the best for their products. For example, on New Year, several cosmetic businesses ask the industries to add a lustrous finish to their packaging. It can be done by a glossy or a Spot UV finish. This helps the cosmetic companies in attracting more customers on these holidays.Apart from finishing, textures play a vital role in the look and feel of the packaging as well. It is closely related to finishing techniques because, in a way, it improves the feeling of touch for the package. Certain textures can be added to the Kraft paper to make it more appealing. It can either be plain smooth or can be a bit rusty or rough to the touch. It depends on what product it is made for.

Greeting cards and wedding invites

People love giving greeting cards and other party invitations on the occasion of New Year. This is why industries are focusing on making high-quality greeting cards by using all the techniques they can for this big occasion. Cards are thicker than plain papers. This is why Kraft cardstock is an ideal choice for this purpose. As most cards also use the Embossing option, therefore it can be done with Kraft too. All you need to consider before opting for this design is the thickness of the card. It should be around 15pts to 20pts for creating the best embossing effect. Furthermore, illustrations and patterns related to the occasion can also be printed on these cards. It looks more elegant, and it is a perfect way to augment the excitement through a card.

New Year boxes

The one area in which the usage of Kraft paper is extraordinary is in the packaging sector. Every year many companies are looking for industries that can supply them with packaging materials that would help them in conveying the right message to the customers. Nowadays the consumers are looking for the best-dressed packaging that is infused with the theme for New Year. This is why companies opt for such packaging materials to make the most of this occasion. It looks attractive and conveys the message that a brand is participating in the spirit of the big occasion.

Kraft paper boardis a versatile material. This is why its popularity remains undisturbed throughout the year. If you are looking to design it, keeping the theme of New Year in mind, then follow the tips and tricks that are mentioned above to make the most out of your Kraft paper.