FAQ on All Things CBD Hemp Flower

FAQ on All Things CBD Hemp Flower

All things CBD hemp flower comes into play anytime you have exhausted pharmaceuticals for any number of chronic conditions. But there are a lot of stories out there that discredit the truth or plant questions of its efficacy. Hopefully we can clear up questions so that you can begin to experience the benefits.

All Things CBD Hemp Flower – About the THC vs CBD Difference

THC and CBD are both cannabinoid compounds. And both are derived from the cannabis plant. Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants. Some explain the difference in another way — “you can feel” the THC but “you cannot feel” CBD. Some would disagree with that because of the mega benefits of relief from insomnia, anxiety and depression. So maybe better said, “the feel is different, there is no buzz with CBD.”  The pain relief that so many are experiencing from neuropathy, arthritis and muscle spasms is reason to believe in all things CBD hemp flowers.

All Things CBD Hemp Flower — Hemp Seed Oil vs Hemp Oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds for its healthy fatty acid profile and it contains little-to-no CBD oil.  Hemp cooks find it useful for culinary purposes as well as for healthy skin, nails and hair.  Hemp seed oil contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids used for making salad dressing, dips, and smoothies.  Hemp seed oil comes with an array of beneficial nutrients, such as vitamin E, protein and fiber.

Hemp oil is extracted from the stalk of the hemp plant and from the seeds of the hemp plant for its beneficial compounds called phytocannabinoids, the most well-known being CBD.  Hemp oil is a whole-plant extract, so it contains a combination of different phytocannabinoids, terpenes but not as much CBD oil as the hemp flower.

All Things CBD Hemp Flower — CBD Hemp Pre-rolls

CBD hemp pre-rolls are not for the purpose of getting “high”. The pre-rolls are for individuals who are desiring this delivery method to dose with CBD therapeutic benefits but not to achieve a mind-altering experience.  As such, the THC content is at the legal amount of 0.3%. It is only present to help the user to arrive at the experience of the entourage effect with the best benefits. Hemp pre-rolls utilize the pulmonary administration method, and this is the highest bioavailability for the body. This way the benefits are fast felt in the body and the potency is the highest because it goes through the lungs and directly into the bloodstream.

All Things CBD Hemp Flower – Shelf Life

The hemp authorities recommend to use your hemp flower within a 12 month period. However, the CBD flower expires before a 12-month period if you do not store it properly. Some have tried to extend the period before a CBD flower expires by “hydration packs”. But this may actually create an opening for your CBD flower to mold. If you want to hydrate, do it in small amounts of the flower you are going to use within 48 hours.

Otherwise, hemp authority suggests storing the CBD flowers in a sealed glass container out of direct sunlight where it is cool and dry.

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