engagement Ring Styles: 4 Styles for the Groom

engagement Ring Styles: 4 Styles for the Groom

A lot of attention is paid to the glamour as well as drama of an engagement ring and it is easy to understand why. A engagement ring style that has a stunning diamond or a gemstone encrusted in it is incredibly hard to compete with. However, engagement bands or rings are just as important. Though the brides tend to chose rings that complement their engagement rings, grooms have a free reign to their design choices.

For many a many a man who doesn’t know how to do jewellery, the selection procedure can be a little daunting. Those who tend to work with their hands may prioritize something unobtrusive over something stylish. However, there are many bands that offer the best of both worlds. Other grooms might relish the opportunity of wearing something flashier, with stones that can rival the jewellery of a bride. Check out these 4 engagement ring styles that will help you to determine which on you need the most.

1. Classic – This no nonsense no fuss classic men’s ring can come in white gold, platinum or yellow gold. It has a rounded shape and no additional detailing except maybe an engraving on the inside but not visible enough for others to see. This type of ring is a low risk option. Even though it might not get many compliments, it’s not going to get that much of dissing either.

2. Modern – These rings are similar to that of the classic rings but with just a little bit of more substance. Maybe these engagement rings styles feature multiple metals or alternate between a classic and brushed-matte finish. There is also the hammered look that offers a hint of detailing without going overboard especially for a man who valued simplicity.

3. Detailed –These types of rings are often the popular choice for choice for grooms who are interested in the vintage style of engagement bands. There are scrollwork and other types of details that offer a unique look.

4. Stones – Having fun with jewellery is not only a brides’ prerogative. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but that doesn’t mean that men can’t appreciate some sparkle or color. The can also have some fun with gemstones with their engagement ring styles.

No matter whatever is the groom’s taste for an engagement ring , there is sure a ring out there that is enough to showcase his personality. The styles of rings mentioned above will help you to narrow down the possibilities in terms of what style of rings you should adopt. If you are not sure even then, enlist the help of a jewellery designer who will help you with both the selecting the metal and type. Grooms nowadays, are very conscious of their looks, attire and jewellery for their engagement day, very much like the bride. Therefore, it is only natural on their part to select the best engagement ring style to match their personality and their ring size 

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