Does ceramic coating wear off?

Does ceramic coating wear off?

There are a lot of myths and assumptions around ceramic coatings these days, one of the most important and common myths is “ceramic coatings are permanent”. Several other myths surround this common myth. We will break down each myth and explain why.

  1. Ceramic coating is not a permanent solution to protect your car exterior.

There is no permanent solution to this issue, as long as you are using the car, the paint job and the polish will tend to fade or damage with time. The lifespan could be increased using any type of specific coating. It cannot be protected life-long with just one cycle of the coating.

  • Ceramic coating will wear off if not maintained in the right way –

Ceramic coating will wear off eventually. Every ceramic coating has a lifespan. The good ceramic coating could last for a maximum of 3 to 4-years. No ceramic coating would last longer than this.

  • You do not have to wash the car after ceramic coating, this is a wrong assumption and the absurd among all myths –

Some people assume that after doing a ceramic coating, the car does not have to be washed. This is an absurd assumption; the ceramic coating lifespan could be expected to be near 3 to 4-years only if you wash the car regularly in the right way.

  • You apply the ceramic coating however you like, it will not affect the lifespan of the coating, this is not true –

Ceramic coating is guaranteed to wear off easily if they are not done in the right way. Remember, there is always a right way to do things and a wrong way too. Do it in the wrong way and expect the coating to peel off or wear off easily before 3-years.

  • Premium ceramic coating tends to wear off less, this is not true –

All the ceramic coatings are almost the same, there is no big difference between premium and budget ceramic coating products. It is all a brand gimmick to make you spend some extra cash on their products, if you use the ceramic coating in the right way, both of them would deliver almost the same lifespan.

  • Ceramic coating is scratch proof and they do not accelerate the wear off process, the most common and false fact.

Ceramic coatings act as a protective coating to the paint job, the coating itself is not scratch proof. Do not assume it to be scratch-proof and expose it to harsh conditions. More scratches would eventually accelerate the wear off. Even the best premium ceramic coating is not scratch proof.

  • Leave the ceramic coating without any regular maintenance and it will wear off easily –

While the ceramic coating is superior to other types of coatings, if they are not maintained in the right way, it could reduce the lifespan of the coating. This is true, most of the people who have neglected maintaining the coating has regretted in the future. Remember, the ceramic coating is not a perfect solution, maintenance is important to prevent wear off before the maximum lifespan is attained.

Everything in this world is surrounded by myths and false assumptions, it is up to the reader to research deep on it and find out the truth. Ceramic coating is not a permanent solution, you need to repeat applying the ceramic coating to protect your car.