Different Types of Ladders

Different Types of Ladders

Ladders are of many types and to be precise, ladders are mainly of six different types. Each one offers the functionality to let you reach objects at a vertical distance. However, certain differences in design and working style make them unique. A good quality Extension Ladder is widely popular in the market for its intense versatility whereas a common ladder is great for every home. So, here are all the different types of ladders with their key uses –

  1. Stepladders

The most common type in the ladder is a step ladder, and it is widely popular for its simple design, easy to use functionality and compact size. You can find a stepladder in almost every house. The common benefit of having a stepladder is long length, which is also non-adjustable. The upside-down V-shaped design along with two sides to hold the steps and a large capacity.

  • Platform Ladders

In terms of self-supporting design, a platform ladder is a common option available in the market with an excellent number of advantages. These ladders can be used for changing the bulb, excessing vertically heightened items in the kitchen and a lot more. There are usually 3 to 8 steps in the platform ladder which can help you reach the height of 7 feet easily. The single side is climbable in these types of ladders.

  • Straight Ladders

Straight ladders are also known with another name as the single ladder, and it has self-support. There is a need for an anchor at the top of the ladder to support the weight and staying in place without slipping at all. The design is simple with no hinges to increase or decrease the height. The common length of a straight ladder is between 5 Feet to 30 feet usually. There are side rails in these ladders.

  • Extension Ladders

Extension ladders are the prominent ones in the market due to their versatility, lightweight design, sturdy frame and better reach. You can buy quality extension ladders for an affordable price point and get the same functionality as a straight ladder. There are two ladders framed into one ladder, and you can get a maximum height of 30 feet in a compact size ladder.

  • Multi-Way Ladders

Multi-way ladders have a similar design to a straight ladder, but the best part about this ladder type is the ability to use the ladder from both sides. These ladders have a small hinge at the top, and it has a Vertical V shape. The only problem with this ladder is significantly extra weight as compared to the other types.

  • Trestle Ladders

A double front ladder or a trestle ladder has a similar design to a multi-way ladder. However, there are only two sides to this ladder and it allows two people to use the ladder at the same time. Having two climbable sides help in several ways and provide better usability. Having a hinge in the ladder provides the benefit of storing the ladder with ease. The only con is the non-adjustable height of the ladder.