CEH Certification: A great learning curve for professionals

CEH Certification: A great learning curve for professionals

In the last decade, data theft has poised itself as a significant concern for the majority of the verticals and domains. Cyberattacks have become a daily trend, with the attackers breaking the organization’s firewall and gaining access to sensitive information. The types of attacks are dynamic, and mostly, no repetition in attacks is seen. 

To keep one afloat in the “security” domain, organizations have started ensuring that employees have certifications in cyber security and penetration testing.

Hence, the advent of CEH for cyber security certification hasgained prominence. CEH refers to Certified Ethical Hacking. It is backed by the EC Council and has gained steady support from the government and private sector.

Imagine a scenario where an enemy soldier is put within your grasp, which means he’ll have all the necessary information about their tactics. Likewise, a CEH opts for an offensive strategy while deploying and checking a company’s security preparedness. The so-called “white hat hackers” test the company defences against security threats before they take place. If an employee can understand the weaknesses of the current system, an adaptive measure can be provided which will not allow the criminals to break free. 

How will it help you?

One of the vital questions we ask ourselves and our employers is whether the said skill will help us in any way? Yes, of course, it does. Technology is a growing discipline, and no one predicted that our work would be dependent on the internet two decades back. Then, cloud technology was disregarded due to its security features, but now the companies are paying hefty amounts to uplift their cloud data structure. Hence, the demand for such pupils is high.

The companies of various domains prefer cloud storage over manual storage; additionally, the resilience of IT companies has increased in recent years. However, although cloud storage offers benefits, the major drawback is the threat to lose one’s confidential data. 

By gaining an ethical hacker certification, you can prove to your current and future employer that you have the necessary skills and fundamentals about penetration testing, also the proper scope of performing the said job. Moreover, the CEH Certification will show your competence in preventing attacks pertaining to and not limited to servers, networks, and other wireless methodologies. 

The various benefits a CEH Certification has offer are listed below:

Try to think like a hacker-

To think like one is to become one. Well, not always. The CEH certification is positioned around the sole concept for one to think aggressively. Cyber-criminals opt for new strategies, and it is quintessential for one to understand the thought process of the cyber-attacker. Ethical hacking person’s aptitude is refurbished to allow them to think in matters more than one and the skills to react proactively rather than reactively. 

A well-curated pathway for information security career pathway-

If you consider yourself yo be well versed with the fundamentals of “information security,” then mate, it is time for you to go for a CEH certification. Professionals in the field need a particular push in the right direction, as the job can get mundane. By allowing yourself to learn about the core concepts taught in CEH certification, one can increase his knowledge and skills to tackle new problems and develop strategies to avoid potential data hacks.

Salary benefits post-certification-

Money is one of the predominant motivational factors for a professional, and CEH certification doesn’t disappoint. The average salary post-certification is USD 70,780. It is an above-par compensation one can expect in this field.

Global recognition post-certification-

Regardless, the CEH certification is accepted and recognized by multinationals across the domains. Hence, jobs are specifically curated around the post. Deloitte, IBM, and EY are some multinationals that have jobs specifically recognized around the certification. 

The scope of the learnings is beyond penetration-tester-

The scope of CEH certification goes beyond the penetration validators or testers. It is a versatile and complete certification, which can be of use to any networking professionals. Networking professionals get a more significant benefit, and they have a solid fundamental and working knowledge of cyber threats. When the ethical hacker certification gets added, their practical knowledge gets added multiple times.


The discussed certification can help one create a demand for himself in the field of technology. Adapting and learning about specifics to prevent data leaks and cyber-attacks will allow the professional to grow. The CEH Certification can help one move across domains and industries. Digital forensics, digital detective are some of the pursuits one can opt for. 

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