Blockchain certifications: Starting a career in blockchain development

Blockchain certifications: Starting a career in blockchain development

Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the industry.  Blockchain industry has seen phenomenal growth in the past few years. According to a Statista report, spending on blockchain –based solution is expected to increase to $15.3 billion by 2023 in the industry. Starting from supply chain management to digital rights management, the technology is showing incredible improvements across industries and paving way for building efficient business processes. 

What is blockchain technology?

 Blockchain is a network of blocks, where each block is connected to another timestamped block that represents its past entry. Every time a record is enters the network, each block is updated, giving the proof of update and the content of the block. This way each block contains temper –proof content.

Since there’s no central authority controlling the authenticity of information is maintained by consensus of the participants on the network via consensus mechanism. This gives blockchain technology features like immutability, decentralization, enabling the solutions for a more transparent transaction, efficient processes, more accountability among stakeholders.

 Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum are built on the blockchain.  Smart contracts used for legal and compliance matters and faster food recalls in supply chain management, digital voting using blockchain-based EVM are primary examples of the technology in use.  

 Skills for blockchain technology

Blockchain is a sophisticated technology, requiring extensive knowledge of complex concepts and strong exposure to computer science. The following skills are mandatory to succeed in blockchain development.  

 1. Cryptography –  Hash functions, consensus mechanism, and immutability of records is a result of cryptography. You will need to excel in cryptography to perform well in a blockchain development role. Particularly when you are responsible for designing a custom blockchain network for an organization. Hash functions like SHA256 and KECCAK256 are frequently used in the development of a custom blockchain network.

 2. Data structures – Blockchain is most closely represents a software development role except it uses an extensive knowledge of cryptography. To deal with other aspects of software development, data structures like Merkle trees, Patricia trees, array, matrices, and more is imperative.

 3. Smart contract – These are programmable self-executing contracts built using platforms like Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, Corda, etc. You will require a comprehensive understanding of smart contract development to do well in a blockchain role.

 4. Web development – Blockchain apps are similar to the web and mobile apps in the way that they require an intuitive user interface and backend for all processing requests. Further, making blockchain apps accessible through mobile and web is made possible through web development.

 5. Programming – Like any software development role, programming is essential to excel in a blockchain career.  Problem-solving, logic, programming, and OOPS concepts come in handy in a blockchain development role.

 Learn blockchain development 

 The following globally-recognized professional blockchain certifications and courses are top-notch in the industry. 

 1. Certified Blockchain Expert TM

This is short-duration exam–based blockchain certification program that equips you with the practical knowledge required to develop a custom blockchain network. You will learn blockchain development inside out, clearing your fundamentals concepts that make the foundation of blockchain, including Merkle trees, hashing, mining, data security, private and public key, distributed P2P network.

 This certification is offered by Blockchain Council.

2.  Certified Blockchain Engineer (CBE) 

This is a comprehensive blockchain professional certification that proves your holistic understanding of blockchain. This certification is a globally –recognized credential that demonstrates your ability to create a blockchain network from scratch. You will develop a strong foundation in decentralization and cryptography, get knowledge of hyper ledger fabric, and develop working insights for cryptocurrency exchanges. CBE is a leading credential for aspirants looking to accelerate their growth in a blockchain career. 

 This certification is offered by the Central Council of America (CBCA). 

 3. Business Blockchain Professional (BBP)

 Blockchain offers ample opportunities for businesses, which can improve efficiency, productivity, and increase transparency in business processes.  This requires business professionals to be familiar with the potential the technology offers. BBP equips business executives with the skills and knowledge required to find and/or create potential growth opportunities for their business using blockchain technology.

 This blockchain certification is offered by the Central Council of America (CBCA).

 4.  Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum (CBDE)

Ethereum is a widely used blockchain development platform.  This certification equips you with the technical skills and knowledge required to build blockchain applications using Ethereum. If you’re looking to build expertise and establish yourself as an expert in blockchain development using Ethereum, this will be a good certification.

This certification is offered by the Central Council of America by Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA).

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