Awesome Engagement Cake Design Ideas

Awesome Engagement Cake Design Ideas

Cakes are an essential part of every event and occasions like wedding ceremonies. They help bring up happiness and oneness by sharing with your loved ones with the much-awaited cake cutting and feeding time. Engagement cakes are trending these days with couples ordering cakes for their commitment. If you are getting engaged, you do not have to wait for the wedding ceremony to delight your loved one, friends, and family with a delicious cake. So why not have a delicious cake for your engagement? Whether you are throwing an engagement party or just having the romantic moment with your better half, a cake is a perfect gift you all will appreciate. There are varieties of cakes from which you can take your picks such as black forest, red velvet, butterscotch, vanilla, and many more! However, you need to find the ideal cake design to express your feelings and emotions. You can also avail your ultimate engagement surprise from bakeries like Bakingo in Chennai, Creme Cup in Kolkata, etc. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share some awesome engagement cake design ideas. Take a look.

Designer cakes

The best part about having a cake for your engagement or any other specific occasion is that you can have it crafted the way you want. Designer cakes offer you that much flexibility to avail the cake with your favourite characters and hobbies. You can consider designs such as initials and a message.

Floral Cake

Flowers and Cakes are the epitome of gifting. When you incorporate flowers into the engagement cake, the result is magical. You can have the floral design done with edible flowers mimicking the original flowers he or she loves. To complement your engagement cake, you can have a bouquet of fresh blooms on the cake design.

3 Tier engagement cake

Most engagement cakes are one or two-tier; a three-tier cake takes the engagement benchmark to a higher regard. This awesome cake has three layers which also make an enticing display fiddled with designs. You can go for a black forest cake with salivating dark chocolate, white fondant, and cherries.

Chocolate cake

Chocolate is an all-time favourite for many, making it a perfect idea for an engagement party cake. If you have some of your loved ones who do not like sweet food, you can also accommodate them by having the sweetness taste toned down with a sugar-free cake.

Vanilla Cake

There are many ways you can touch the hearts of your loved ones and ignite a smile on their face with a cake, and vanilla cakes are one of the best ways you can do so. Even if you go with a simple vanilla cake design, the tempting flavour and scent will draw the attention of many. You can go with a white cake garnished with colourful edible sprinklers.

Photo cakes

You may want a cake that is simple but entails the theme of your engagement. A photo cake is one such cake that embodies all your wishes. Since a photo contains more than a thousand words, it helps you express some of the feelings and emotions you can not pen down. You will have to share your photo with the bakery.

Heart-shaped cake

Love is the most important thing in the world, represented with a heart-shape. You can surprise your loved one with a cake of their favourite flavour in a romantic way. A heart-shaped cake offering translates to giving your heart and submit yourself all to the love of your life.

Fruit cake

If you are looking for a delicious cake that is both sweet and refreshing, search no further than the luscious fruit cake. It is a nutritious cake – check if your loved one is health-conscious. You can add all his or her favourite fruits on the top of the cake. And you can also go with an eggless or vegetarian cake.

Catchy engagement cake quotes

You can take the opportunity to remind your loved one and tell guests about the first moment you have with your only with catchy engagement cake quotes. An example of these catchy quotes goes like:

“Even though we have seen each other for a while, the butterflies in my stomach have not left, but are calmly settled. They found their home and so did I.”

There are many other exciting quotes you can include in your engagement cake be it a layered cake or not.

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