5 tips to make your engagement ceremony a memorable event for a lifetime

5 tips to make your engagement ceremony a memorable event for a lifetime

The engagement ceremony is an emotional day that you cherish for a lifetime. Every couple tries hard to make it an unforgettable event for them and also for their guests. A guest may have attended many engagement parties, in which you have to make yours a memorable of all. Every couple follows almost the same procedures in the engagement and also in the marriage. Not everyone likes to break the bank to make the engagement party a lavish one. To make yours interesting out of all, there are some tips and tricks to follow.

Invitation card

There are ready-made invitation cards available everywhere but to make it personalized, you have to get a customized card. The customized cards are the ones that allow you to add your own personal touch to the card. You can also add the theme of your engagement party. You can make the card reach the guests in a unique way. Also, you can add some puzzles to the invitation card, so that the guests can enjoy the solving process and they do not forget your engagement party easily.

Playing with the ring

The important part of the engagement party is the engagement ring. Without the engagement ring, the engagement will not get fulfilled for people. So playing with the ring can be unforgettable for all the guests. Try hiding the engagement ring somewhere and make the guests believe you as you really missed the engagement ring. At the right time, you can reveal the ring through a cute baby, through a little puppy, or some other animals or birds. Hatton garden jewellery shops many of the gorgeous engagement rings. To make it more interesting, play with the engagement ring to catch everyone’s attention.

Stage decoration

You can think of the type of stage decoration once you have the location finalized. If you can afford the lavish backdrop, go for it and make your stage extraordinary. If you are a minimalistic couple and do not like many of the extravagant arrangements, you can go for a stage less event. You can choose a place that is beautiful and calm such as, beach, etc. Set it with minimal decorations and furniture. By keep the setting sun in the backdrop, your romantic engagement photographs will stand out.

Personalized food

It is completely optional to keep the menu simple or grand. In order to avoid wastage, you can keep the menu a simpler one rather than spending a lot on the food. Instead of spending more on many options, you can add a personalized touch to the food in order to make the guests remember your engagement. You can add your initials or your names to the foods that are served to the guests.

 Make decisions together

Out of all, the important step is to sit together to make all the decisions related to engagement. You can select together engagement rings Hatton Garden, so that it is satisfying to both of you. You can look into every aspect of engagement like selecting the venue, choosing the engagement ring, arranging for the food, etc.

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