5 Tips to Crack CAT 21 Exam

5 Tips to Crack CAT 21 Exam

There is no doubt that, CAT is one of the most demanding and competitive entrance test. It requires you the right strategy and good preparation to crack it. However, there are quite a lot of CAT aspirants have no idea of how to crack CAT 2021.

In case, if the same goes with you too then I am here to help you out by sharing 5 Tips to Crack CAT 21 Exam.

So here we go:

5 Secret Tips to Crack CAT 21 Exam

1. Decide if you want to take coaching or go for self preparation:

One of the first things that you need to do is decide if you want to take coaching to get CAT Good Percentile or you want to go for self-preparation.

The answer to this question completely depends on your capabilities. Hence, it would be a good idea to find out if you are capable enough to complete the whole CAT syllabus and get it well versed. Or you need some external help?

If you do external help, then going for coaching would be the best idea. However, there are students who cannot afford coaching classes; hence they choose to do self-preparation.

And let me tell you that self-preparation is not really a bad idea. As there are quite a lot of websites are available out there, such as StudyGrades, from where you can get free study materials. Or you can consider getting online coaching from platforms like Unacademy, YouTube, or the other one.

2. Start as early as possible

The next thing that you should do is start as early as possible. As you don’t have time to waste. However, if you ask me how much time you really need to Crack CAT 2021, then the answer would be six to one year.

Six to one year is a good time to crack CAT in the first month. Also, the main advantage of starting early with CAT preparation is that you will get plenty of time to study, understand, and research topics.

You will not get panic if you fail to understand a topic. As you have a good time in your hand to understand it.

3. Know the CAT syllabus well

You should also know the CAT syllabus well enough to crack CAT in 20211. However, IIM does not really prescribe any specific CAT syllabus.

But a good point to start would be to go through the past years of question papers of CAT. Then you have to understand what topics the questions are coming from and what topics you really need to study.

Once you have understood the topic areas, you will need to divide your time into individual topics and study them thoroughly. Also, by having a good knowledge of the syllabus, you would be able to study in a better way.

Although, if you are going for coaching, then you might get your syllabus from there only. However, if you are doing self-preparation, then do get the idea of the syllabus.

4. Work on your speed and accuracy:

You should also work on your speed and accuracy. As you probably already know that the QA section is 40 minutes long, and it comes with 34 questions.

Hence, your goal should be to solve the same questions in a faster way. Along with that, you will need to maintain your accuracy.

The main goal of yours should be to answer QA questions with at least 85 to 90 percent accuracy. If you do so, then there is a high chance that you will crack CAT 21 exam.

5. Choose wisely and smartly

Let’s be straightforward, you are not really going to attempt all the 34 questions with equal importance and accuracy.

There will be questions that are just not in your favor. So if you find such questions, make sure to avoid it. Why? Because it will save your time.

The first thing that you should do is find the questions that you can answer with accuracy. Once you are done with that, start working on the questions which are tricky or confusing for you.

So such questions will not create any panic at the last moment of the examination. And you will get a relief that you have answered most of the questions correctly.