5 Household Gadgets You Should Have, According to Feng Shui

5 Household Gadgets You Should Have, According to Feng Shui

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, many may have decided to convert their homes into a smart, safe, and conducive environment. Several gadgets were developed to cater to the hi-tech needs of many. While technological advancements are designed for efficiency, they also represent the five elements used in Feng Shui.

Introducing these five gadgets into your abode may attract good fortune and prosperity.

Water Fountain (Water)

According to Feng Shui principles, flowing water symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Such examples are rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and garden fountains. Of course, not everyone has the means or the space to install water fountains in their homes. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never get to channel positive energy and attract wealth into your life. Evoke the abundance brought by flowing waters by placing an indoor fountain in your home. Choose a miniature tiered fountain you can put on your bedside dresser or home office desk. Other than bringing abundance, the sound of flowing water may help you relax, concentrate at work, and sleep better.

Hi-Tech Comfort (Earth)

The earth element is what keeps you calm, protected, and comfortable. Choose bedsheets, carpets, wallpaper, and furniture pieces such as couches, bed frames, and dressers to represent earth tones such as yellows, beiges, and browns. You may incorporate earth elements in home security features, such as installing smart blinds in your home. Through remote or voice control, you can open and shut your blinds to adjust the brightness coming through your rooms. Warming blankets are also perfect for keeping you comfortable during cold seasons.

Lighting (Fire)

A well-lit home means a happy and comfortable space. Lighting features such as pendant lights, tall lamps, and night lights are modern devices that may represent the fire element. You may get beautiful chandeliers like the brass and crystal ones used by Discovery Primea in their foyer and dining hall. Choose lighting colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, and pink as they represent fire if you want to follow Feng Shui principles in your home.

Self-watering Planter (Wood)

House plants usually represent the wood element. Gardening became one of the most popular hobbies in 2020 and may continue to attract more Plantitos and Plantitas (what plant enthusiasts in the Philippines are called). Some homes like condo units in Makati don’t have backyard space for many plants, making indoor plants the trend last year. Self-watering planters are suitable devices for plant lovers who are too busy to look after their plants. Set the timer for the grower to water your plants on time. This device also prevents your greeneries from wilting or getting overwatered.

Bluetooth Speaker (Metal)

Metal is, perhaps, the element that is best represented by technology. Most electronic devices are made of metal or have colors representing the element, such as white and gray. If you are working from home or have kids doing online learning, a Bluetooth speaker is perfect for you. You’ll have crisp calls and audio while being productive and safe at home.

Modern household gadgets don’t just make our lives more comfortable and convenient. Some are made to create positive energy and a zen-like ambiance in your home. Follow the five elemental principles of Feng Shui and get these five household gadgets for a more fruitful and smart home.

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