5 Best Sneaker Brands You Should Know

5 Best Sneaker Brands You Should Know

We all know that sneakers are a synonym for comfort and style. Gone are the days when sneakers were worn only by sportspeople and those involved in physical training and exercises. Now sneakers are worn daily too. We list below the top five brands of sneakers.

Nike-Nike dominates the footwear industry like nobody has ever done. Athletes such as Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and Christiano Ronald endorse this giant multinational company. Over the years, the company has maintained its ability to constantly adapt to people’s changing trends and needs. You do not need to be a famous athlete to know the stupendous comfort, support, and durability of a Nike sneaker. There is no doubt that Nike has excelled in producing different types of footwear, but they have also produced some of the world’s most iconic and world-class sneakers.

Jordan– While Nike technically owns the Jordan brand; it has its own unique identity. The brand produces some popular and iconic sneakers. For years, the brand has driven fans crazy for its unique styles. A pair of Jordan sneakers is a rich investment in itself. Jordan sneakers are of top-rated quality, with unique designs. The latest design techniques, combined with hi-tech materials, make Jordan sneakers one of a kind.

Converse– Founded in 1908, the converse is an American shoe company that is a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. Trends may change but Converse makes the perfect and cool sneakers for menthatalways look good. The converse is undoubtedly a popular, stylish, and most comfortable sneakers. Converse sneakers come in a multitude of colours and can be worn on almost any kind of outfit. Celebrities like Kurt Cobain and Mila Kunis are a big fan of converse sneakers.

Adidas-For years Adidas came second to Nike in the international sneaker market, but this German Company has given tough competition to Nike all these years. Adidas has constantly been able to produce innovative concepts. Their latest creations are testimony to the fact that they keep testing new products to produce better shoes for athletes. It not only produces the top quality sneakers but also is a badge of sport in itself. Adidas is the perfect choice whether you are looking for the perfect sneakers to hit the basketball court or just for some memorable photoshoots.

Yeezy– The Yeezy sneakers have an outlandish shape, broad sole, and a unique lacing design. Kayne West endorsed the shoe, and it first hit the market in 2015. Since then, snakeheads have been fancying to lay their hands on a pair of Yeezy sneakers. Yeezy sneakers are a bit difficult to get as they are released in batches. The limited supply means the sneakers are sold off immediately. The Yeezy sneaker acts as a status symbol because of its connections to renowned celebrities like Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris, and Jay-Z. The brand gets its backing from Adidas and is comfortable for the wearer.

If you buy mens sneakers of any of the above-mentioned brands, you are seriously making an investment of a lifetime!