10 Awesome Return Gifts Options for a Child’s Birthday Party

Every parent loves their child’s birthday and aims to make it the most special and memorable time. But it can get quite hectic as you need to plan everything, right from the type of cake to buy to the number of kids to invite and sending the invitations! Another important part of birthdays is return gifts for kids. To help you out during this time of need, here are ten return birthday gift ideas for kids you can choose from to make this party unforgettable.

1.  Cartoon Figurines

At a young age, we all loved having figurines of cartoons and superheroes. Getting this as birthday return gifts would make the children ecstatic. So pick out a mixed of cartoons that are loved by girls as well as boys. You could also take the help of the parents and inquire which one their kid likes.

2.  Mugs

Mugs are most treasured amongst kids as they love drinking in a cup just like their mom and dads. So choose some colourful mugs with cartoons and sketches over it. This will be truly cherished for a long time.

3.  Personalised Box of Chocolate

Children would do anything for a bar of chocolate, so what can be a better return gift than treats? You could opt for personalised chocolates to make the children feel special with some delectable treats inside. You bet the kids will surely remember this birthday party.

4.  Plantable Pencils

Aren’t children fond of magic? A plantable pair of pencils are no less than magic! The return gift will be the best surprise but will also teach them a thing or two about caring for plants. The parents will surely ring you for inculcating a hobby of planting in their child!

5.  Play-Doh

Hasn’t everyone enjoyed some time with vivid colouredplay-doh? From making humans to creating animals and fruits, it definitely brings out the creativity in kids. You can opt to gift this as return gifts for children’s birthday.

6.  Lunch Bags

A colourfully designed lunch box will be much loved by the children, so much as to flaunt it at school. You could also get bags with comics or pictures on them to make it attractive.

7.  Keychains

Keychains are the collectables when you are young to be flaunted by attaching it to your bag. This could pose as a unique idea for birthday return gifts and would surely bring a smile on the kid’s face.

8.  Lego

Lego is a fond memory for most children and no one can refuse it. Giving a Lego box as a birthday return gifts for kids will be loved by the children and appreciated by the parents as well.

9.  Pencil Pouches

The one thing most children value is their pencil cases as it contains their best pencils and uniquely shaped erasers. You could gift them a pencil pouch to replace the old one having different shapes like of a spaceship or a barbie.

10.              Finger Puppets

Didn’t we all enjoy putting on finger puppets and acting like they were real? By gifting them some funny puppets, you will definitely make their day. You bet they will be running around the entire day with it.

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